Keeping the past decade in mind, it’s quite evident that mobility isn’t merely a trending word today. Mobility happens to be a whole lifestyle in itself, something that impacts everyone. From the entire B2B industries to our day-to-day labors, enterprise mobility & app development have time and again proven that they are here to stay.

The solution to dealing with the complexities of becoming a digital enterprise lies in understanding the role of the CIO in a way that makes it more important than ever. They need to be able to understand long-standing behavior and beliefs, anticipate business needs, and provide resources with a comprehensive range of services – mobile device standards, applications complying with the enterprise architecture, and cloud services.

Where Does your Enterprise Stand on the Mobile Journey?

Demonstrating recent stats regarding the astounding growth of mobiles in workplaces will be understating the phenomenon of digital transformation. Even numbers prove the actual speed of mobility has increased exponentially in a CITRIX report. It confirms the number of devices being managed in enterprises to have increased by a wide margin of 72%, that too—in a single year (2014 – 2015).

Now, to understand where you actually stand on your mobile journey, we will relate to an enterprises’ survey conducted by Sapio Research on behalf of Synchronoss Inc. Classifying organizations, the research terms them as “Entry Level”, “Additive”, “Opportunistic”, “Transformational”, and others. This classification is thus applicable to you as well—based on your adoption of mobile technologies and data security.

Using their criteria, Sapio revealed that 38% of enterprises are still stuck on ‘Entry Level’ 1 because of using basic tools or mobility solutions like email & calendar—they’ve yet to establish a secure functionality for their devices. Whereas only 19% of companies are successfully using app integrations and big data analytics for increasing their business productivity.

What are the Benefits of Being Mobile?

Sapio Research further established a correlation between mobile maturity & profitability. This connection was attributed to the stats that enterprises in the ‘Additive’ phase were 15% more productive, and 28% more profitable as compared to the enterprises in the beginning or ‘Entry Level’ of mobility.

All such organizations are using agile mobile apps & integrations, multi-factor authentication, and secured data transmissions. In a nutshell, enterprise CIOs are not mainly responsible for making IT-related choices, in fact, today they tend to lead entire digital revolutions by taking business decisions into their hands. What benefits does your company gain?

  • Higher productivity
  • Enhanced employee connections
  • Reduced labor cycle
  • Cost savings
  • Cutting edge technology gains
  • Support communications
  • Remote connectivity
  • Revenue boost
  • Customer satisfaction

Mobility isn’t Only for Millennials:

Defying common perceptions, a 2016 survey conducted by the Economist stated that not just millennials, but respondents of all ages benefit from mobility. Companies that are mobile-optimized, achieve better collaborations, creativity, and productive gains—equals 8 weeks of additional output for each employee per year! The larger an organization, the bigger can be its potential gains. Mobile-friendly organizations tend to be 3 times more effective at retaining employees.

Mobile Trends Call for Innovative Approaches

Based on our industry experience, many enterprises are hesitant to sign up for mobile app development realizing the challenges they would face in form of bi-directional data synchronization and disconnected workflows; data caching to cater to device memory & responsiveness; mobile access control and data security; push notifications & management of apps at scale; the need to maintain SDKs, build mobile binaries and supporting newer versions of the mobile OS.

Mobile apps also demand data from backend systems to be present with high-level security in real-time. You being an enterprise can resolve such challenges by using MBaaS to centralize back-end services such as storage, push notifications, APIs, and social media connectivity.

Enterprise mobility is changing how applications are being developed, deployed, managed, and supported. In comparison to typical enterprise apps, modern apps are simpler yet agile, integrated, lightweight, secure, and better in terms of functionality and all technological aspects.

Which Industries Benefit the Most from Mobile?

The earliest benefits of Enterprise Mobility were largely reaped by field workforce management services. However lately, other sectors have also started to rise by utilizing the groundbreaking elements of Enterprise Mobility.

The many US and Europe-based sectors have witnessed the highest ROI using Enterprise Mobility—92% of participants reportedly witnessed a handsome increase in ROI using mobile technologies alone. Unlike previous times, it’s our personal observation that a large array of industries such as oil & gas to healthcare, finance, education, entertainment, electronic devices, games, etc., are embracing the practice of mobility.

The Growth of App-Based Banks:

According to a 2015 survey, 69% of finance organizations reportedly showed positive ROIs on mobile base investments. Where it was once considered a heavy security risk for financial enterprises and banks to adopt mobile and could, challenger banks like Atom Bank and Monzo have made all finance institutions establish a deep trust in cloud-based apps.  Customers have grown accustomed to mobile banking so much so that last year’s Ofcom’s Market report quotes “in March 2016, nearly a third (30%) of mobile internet users used their device to access their bank accounts and 20 percent used their device to pay or transfer money electronically.”

Enterprise Mobility & Mobile Apps in Healthcare:

Electronically mobile and cloud-based app solutions are expected and important components in day-to-day lives. From transport to healthcare, patrons and medical practices, in particular, are looking up to modern tools enabling Enterprise Mobility inpatient checkups & healthcare. A majority of healthcare organizations are facing security and compliance barriers, which can easily be addressed by App Maisters since we are 100% HIPAA Compliant and digitally secured end-to-end.

Starting the Ride Towards Being Mobile-First:

Unlike what you might consider, mobile app development is just the tip of the gigantic mobile iceberg. Once you adopt it—you will soon be marching towards a bigger transformational goal, which is going to completely change your service delivery, management, and productivity.

Where Does App Maisters Come to Your Rescue?

All of this is exactly where we, App Maisters, fit in. Using smart integrating options, we provide everything and more than what enterprises long to own. We tackle the challenge of new devices and OS versions. Our developers use agile options for coping on native or cross-platforms alike—considering whichever works best for your venture. All you need is a collaborative route with our professionals, one which will help bring a competitive advantage.

From iOS/Android app development to big data, cloud, and IoT, our engineers bring a unique industry experience to your table, spanning over 10 years’ worth of expertise within the digital platform. Once you get on board with us, we ensure to hand over a fully developed, reliable, cost-effective, and time-sensitive solution—all customized according to your expectations and demands within days. Please contact us to set up an appointment with our Enterprise App Development Specialist today.