Companies have become increasingly reliant on cloud storage for their everyday operations. Digital Experience holds especially true for those within the healthcare industry.

As more work gets done remotely, Digital Experience through the cloud becomes even more important. Files stored in the cloud can be accessed at all times from any location. Imagine trying to collaborate on a project with colleagues by sending group e-mails back and forth. Or having to be gathered around a large table in a conference room with a whiteboard in order to brainstorm. That’s so 20th century.

With the cloud, healthcare professionals can accomplish many key tasks of their trade while increasing efficiency in terms of both time and costs. Saving office space, saving time, and securing data are just a few ways the cloud can be of assistance.

Save Space and Money:

All administrative tasks become streamlined when using the cloud. Employees become enabled to make rapid updates to documents from any location.

IT professionals working in the healthcare field ought to consider cloud tech that includes optical character recognition (OCR). OCR allows administrative employees to search documents for specific terms or phrases, eliminating the need to scan through an entire document to find or correct the necessary information.

Some hard copies of documents will always be necessary, such as certain types of patient records and signed consent forms. However, hospitals and insurance companies can now store and manage many documents through the cloud. This saves space and money by eliminating the need for bulky file cabinets, allowing healthcare organizations to focus funding on improving patients’ experience.

Digital Experience Save Time and Energy:

It’s estimated that two-thirds of all IT infrastructure budgets will be spent on cloud-related services. The cloud has been growing rapidly for many reasons.

One such reason involves an organization’s ability to increase the capacity of their servers with greater rapidity than they would be able to use their own data centers. This also saves time by allowing teams to focus on patients and provide quality service. In short, there are endless ways in which being able to access data in real-time through the cloud increases productivity.

Secure Sensitive Data:

A patient’s privacy is of the utmost importance for both the patient and healthcare provider. HIPAA laws require absolute privacy of patient records. Leaking of such information not only degrades the experience of a patient but will often result in legal ramifications.

As goes without saying, healthcare IT professionals ought to implement cloud services that adhere to strict security protocols. While not being breached is ideal, steps should also be taken to minimize the damage that could be done in the event of a breach. For example, segmenting the network into different parts creates the need for an attacker to compromise more than a single access point, meaning they will only have access to limited information should they infiltrate any isolated aspect of the network.

These are just a few reasons the cloud continues to grow in its adoption.

At App Maisters we continue to improve the Digital Experience our cloud-based services for those in the healthcare industry. Use our services for your next healthcare-based application.