Doc Finder App


There are many people, who need instant access to doctors in emergencies or for their general monthly checkups, but they don’t get it done due to the hectic of being queued for their checkups. Which ultimately causes health issues for them. This application and doctor portal is a solution to this uncertainty.


The objective of the project was to create a comprehensive platform that facilitates the connection between users and local healthcare providers, specifically targeting the accessibility of dental and general medical services. The envisioned platform aimed to streamline the process of finding a reliable local doctor for various needs, ranging from routine oral health maintenance to urgent medical emergencies. By enhancing the ease of locating qualified practitioners within a user’s vicinity, the project sought to contribute significantly to the overall betterment of community health outcomes and ensure prompt and efficient healthcare service delivery.


The app has the feature of an interactive doctor search tool that effortlessly searches for a doctor in their area and populate a list of doctors based on the location. User’s results can be filtered or sorted to help find a doctor that suits their specific needs.

Upon selection of the doctor, the user can view and select open appointment times with participating doctors or request the doctor’s office for a phone call as well as chat within the mobile app or web application. Once a user has visited the doctor’s office, he/she has the option to rate and post reviews on the doctor’s profile.

Tools & Technology