There’s been a sizable shift in telemedicine in the past couple of years, and increasingly more studies emphasize that patients have become more open to using digital integration for telehealth services.  The challenge is that telemedicine doesn’t work properly when integrated into centralized, standard databases. For the best outcomes to be attained, the solution is a complete consolidation of adjacent services into one comprehensive cloud-based platform.

Streamlining the Patient & Provider Experience via Digital Integration

When providers consult patients on a telehealth visit, they need to access their health records to be able to provide a diagnosis; as well as make a thorough assessment of the patient’s symptoms. Via digital integration of telehealth technology within the EHR system of health practice, providers can access the data in real-time, and always have access to updated patient records.

By digitally integrating telemedicine into an existing EHR system, video and audio consultations will become easier to launch, thus creating a simplified, seamless virtual care workflow that is just as efficient as in-person interactions. The added benefits of merging telehealth integration and EHR on a single telemedicine platform reduces the chances of human error, eases information flow, simplifies billing processes, and boosts overall patient outcome.

Seamless Documentation and Proper Storage of Patient Records

One of the core advantages of telemedicine is that it provides complete digital integration documentation, streamlining patient outcomes, and improving care coordination between healthcare providers and patients. An integrated solution enables easy, accurate storage of all documents, leaving no room for missed papers or hard-to-access information.

An automated, cloud-based solution that integrates into an existing EHR is also capable of minimizing the chances of duplicate data, constantly making sure that past patient history is updated and easy to access remotely. Integrated telemedicine is built around a single system, leveraging software apps and custom programs that make coordination of data happen with a click of a button.

Complete Digital Transformation of the Healthcare System

Telehealth plays a critical part in the digital integration transformation of the healthcare system. The tools and systems provided pave the way to providing better, more efficient care to patients while also assisting entities with limited resources and personnel to boost operations at a minimal cost. In terms of development and growth, a cloud-based telemedicine platform can connect multiple organizations (e.g. diagnostics centers, physician offices, hospitals) in one place. Some of the benefits include improving the impact, timing, and quality of care by eliminating expensive travel and keeping all stakeholders connected from any location.

Main Perks of Telemedicine Software Integration

  • An integrated, all-one-one platform capable of connecting different virtual health systems across different IT infrastructuresand ecosystems; including digital integration medical records, thus providing practitioners with a 360-degree overview of every patient.

  • Proactive treatment that enables integrated discharge assistance via a single telehealth solution.

  • Modular design that allows stakeholders to select what services they want to use, refactor, rationalize, and rehost in a single, fully-customizable platform.

  • Compliance & security that complies with government standards and ensures end-to-end encryption.

  • Customized user experience with content that is easily accessible from all smart devices.

An integrated telemedicine platform made up of telehealth and additional virtual services supports value-based models that are directed at the customer. The advanced infrastructure offered enables better operations, creates specialist capacity, and guarantees improved staff efficiency. Apart from lowering the cost of care, telemedicine is convenient and can be used to change people’s lives at the right time, from geographically-independent locations.

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