Customer Experience & Marketing

Customer Experience & Marketing

We pride ourselves in being customer-centric and our processes ensure that we live up to our claim. Our UI/UX processes are thought out to ensure the look and feel of your program is exactly according to your preferences.

Our quality assurance gurus make sure your program is bug-free by thoroughly excavating through your code.

To cap it all off, through highly transparent marketing solutions for your newly designed or existing application, program or website, we make sure you get the word out about your new shiny program with all the bells and whistles attached.

App Maisters E-Commerce Development Services


Putting our diverse skill-set in information technology and ecommerce development to use, companies in the retail, distribution, manufacturing, and wholesale count on us to drive a positive experience for their customers, boost sales and broaden their audience segments. Our objective is to develop ecommerce solutions that are technically impeccable and in-tune with current trends to make your business standout from the rest.

App Marketing

App Maister’s marketing department uses some of the best marketing practices combined together to launch your application online. From carrying out the initial research and proposal work, towards contacting media houses and marketing your app to achieve five-star ratings—we are entirely dedicated towards helping you succeed!

App-Marketing - App Maisters
UI-UX Design

UI/UX – Design

Every digital experience starts with micro and macro details of its design. App Maisters intersects the needs of your business goals and app users to provide the best experience that makes everyone happy. In order to unlock a great user experience, it is important to understand how the human brain functions. Building upon our work strategy, design process and the scope of labor, we shepherd your product through the entire design process carefully. We look into various components that ensure the increased usability and conversion of your application.

Quality Assurance

App Maisters Quality Assurance engineers are responsible for designing, creating and executing software test plans to guarantee high quality of our clients’ products and seek to improve its quality, functionality, consistency and usability. Our team follows systematic process of checking to see whether a product or service being developed is meeting specified requirements.

App Maisters Quality Assurance Services

Client Stories

Trusted by 400+ clients and brand since 2014


Supply Chain BI Portal

App Maisters developed "ScoreUs," a user-friendly Admin Web App for efficient multilingual resource procurement, empowering data-driven decisions and process optimization.



App Maisters developed ONIE to modernize EBT systems at farmers' markets, facilitating smoother operations and transitioning to efficient digital platforms, enhancing access to fresh foods, supporting local economies, and promoting sustainability.


E-Commerce Platform Development for Equipment Rental

App Maisters designed and launched an intuitive e-commerce platform that enables customers to sign up, reserve, rent, and purchase heavy machinery seamlessly, integrate with the client's internal systems for accounting and inventory management via custom APIs, and efficiently meet all requirements.
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