Think Therapy


People with cognitive impairment have trouble remembering, concentrating, and problem solving during their everyday life. This problems not only impacts their everyday routine but also their schooling period badly. They are unable to concentrate on their studies also when it comes to their practical life, they face a severe decline of growth because of this problem. App Maisters develop an application to solve this issue at its maximum.


The objective is to develop an application which has variety of cognitive games organized to address perception, attention, memory, visual and spatial processing, and problem solving skills.

What makes Think Therapy unique is the manner in which it identifies an individual’s deficits by targeting the way information is processed in the brain. More importantly it challenges the individual by continuously adjusting to changes and advances made.


This app was specifically designed for the individuals struggling with cognitive deficits as a result of a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or any other condition that affect the way the brain processes information. Think Therapy was developed by an occupational therapist skilled in addressing the effects of cognitive deficits on daily life

Tools & Technologies