Social Media App (Eye Like)

Project Objective

The Client Approached App Maisters to design and develop the Social Media mobile application for iOS and Android platforms, along with a web-based Admin Panel. The aim was to create a new social media app that promotes connectivity and shared experiences among users. The application will facilitate the exchange of ideas, photos, videos, and daily messaging, providing a platform for users to connect and engage with each other.

Project Solution

App Maisters Inc. proposed a comprehensive solution for the development of the social media mobile application. The solution included the development of user-friendly and feature-rich iOS and Android platforms, integrating social media features such as photo and video sharing, secure messaging, and interest-based group participation. Real-time updates will keep users connected with their social circles, while collaborative tools will enable interactions with professionals who can positively impact daily lives. Additionally, a web-based Admin Panel will provide effective management of user accounts, content moderation, analytics, and system functionality. App Maister’s solution aims to create a robust social media app that brings people together, encourages shared experiences, and facilitates access to valuable guidance and support.


Project Implementation

The project implementation for the Social media mobile app began with thorough requirement gathering and collaboration between the App Maisters Inc. (AM) team and the client. AM’s design team created visually appealing mockups and wireframes, while the developers utilized cutting-edge technologies to build a seamless and high-performing app for iOS and Android platforms. Extensive testing and user feedback ensured quality and refinement. After deployment to app stores, comprehensive training was provided, and a dedicated project manager ensured timely delivery. The result was the successful delivery of Social media app empowering users to connect, share content, and access valuable resources for positive impact.

Tools And Technologies