Fuel Me App


Client had an idea of delivering the Fuel at your doorstep, for that client is running multiple carriers and delivers the fuel on demand after getting support calls.

The problem is not only the delivery of the Fuel to the requester at doorstep, but also service providers will require to drive long way to deliver the fuel, and therefore a solution must be built to provide optimal route and ordering of the fuel request in real-time, so that service provider does not have to go long way to Point A and then come back to Point B, even in the case Point B was near when the driver was already on drive way to Point A.


The objective is to create an Fuel Delivery App which would be an iOS and Android based Application where Customers can easily request the fuel service through their Mobile phone, wherever they are. User only has to book a driver and request for fuel. The driver who is available near by your location is first accessed, and through out the process user can track driver’s point of location.


An application working on both Google and Apple platform is developed to allow people to request the Fuel Filling service on demand, and for the same reason service provider will respond to service request. For routing & Navigation, we used Google Map SDK, & Google Direction APIs to create optimal routing. The AWS cloud technologies were used to Back-end to enhance the response time of the Mobile Apps as well as solving Future Scalability Problems.

Tools & Technology

We have used cloud for better scalability, availability and resilience