Find A Dentist App


There are many people, who need instant access to dentists in emergencies or for maintaining their general monthly checkup, but they don’t get it done due the hectic of being queued for their appointments. Which ultimately cause heath issues for them. This application is an ultimate solution for this uncertainty.


The purpose is to build a platform that allows users to easily locate a local dentist in their area for maintaining oral health or treating dental emergencies. By the help of this, the delay in treatment is mitigated as well as the complexities faced by patients and dentists.


The app has feature of an interactive dentist search tool that will seamlessly search for a dentist in their area and populate a list of dentists based on the location. User’s results can be filtered or sorted to help find a dentist that suits their specific needs.

Upon selection of the dentist, the user is be able to view and select open appointment times with participating dentist or request the dentist office for a phone call. Once a user has visited the dentist office, he/she gets the option to rate and post reviews on the dentist profile.

Tools & Technology