Eat Now App


This application is best suitable for the people who are a foodie in nature and have cravings for delicious meals. Food is no doubt an easily accessible thing but the meal you crave for, is not easily accessible sometimes. In such conditions this application allows user to order their food anywhere any time to satisfy their cravings.


App Maisters designed and developed this application to allow users to have quick and easy access to place their orders for delivery of food. The application gives users the opportunity to have easy access to menus of the finest restaurants, timely food deliveries and helps you find a restaurant in the nearest area.

Project Solution

This application provides the following solutions.

  • Quick and easy way to place your order for delivery.
  • Searching food delivery restaurants by area.
  • Browse a huge selection of user reviews and ratings to help you decide where to order from.
  • Filtering search by customer reviews and specific cuisine.
  • Find the restaurant by its name.
  • Clearly laid out menu will let you quickly choose your food.

Tools & Technology

  • PHP
  • MySQL


  • Provide a platform for quick and easy order placement.
  • Comprehensive support services in ongoing IT support solutions.
  • Improved usability and effectiveness of overall customer service.