Consultant On Call


Based in Dallas, TX, New Calibar Medical Solutions(NCS) provides smart tools for healthcare providers to help them overcome some of their challenges in inpatient care. They came to us with the requirement to develop a HIPPA compliant communication platform for physicians to facilitate in-patient care between primary care physician and outside consultants/physicians in a timely manner. What they were experiencing in some of these set up is that a lot of the patients were not being timely taken care of by these outside healthcare consultants due to miscommunication and scheduling conflict between them and the healthcare facilities.


The vision of the application was to help improve the overall communication gap between the physicians and patient care, which in turn improves healthcare efficiency and productivity, thus improving patient’s overall satisfaction and ensure better patient care.

Challenges Faced

The primary challenge faced was having to ensure that consultancy times were centralized to accommodate for all time zones.


App Maisters’ application team sat down with NCS team and discuss with them in detail their business and functional requirement. Along our expert designers and engineers, we helped built a user friendly HIPPA compliant IOS and Android application for physicians that allows them to schedule and communicate with specialist, discuss patient scenarios and schedule consultation using their mobile devices. This helped the physicians working as primary care physicians for in-patient or out-patient to connect with specialist (consultant) in an easy, effective, and traceable way. The messaging app bridged the communication gap between Physicians and Specialists by having their schedule available via a shared online calendar. By doing so, it provided a platform through which physicians can send notifications and receive confirmations from the specialists’ availability immediately through the app, making it easier to book them for their patients. The project was done within client budget and delivered on time by App Maisters team.

Tools & Technology