Business-to-Credit Customized Solution

We helped to connect business owners with different credit solutions easily by simplifying the business process


Our client is a provider of Business Loans & Alternative Financing in the Business Consultancy domain, consisting of both underwriters and sales representatives. Their business model is to connects entrepreneurs with credit solutions provided by different financiers & accordingly help them to find loans.


Client approached App Maisters to customize and enhance their current Salesforce Org with improved business process. The client was facing slow performance due to unplanned backend implementation; improper collaboration as there were no integration of web services with 3rd party software; and had to manually assess risk, data analysis and reporting for each application.


App Maisters team had to overcome several key challenges, including data restructuring, data remodeling, data migration, third party integration, salesforce customization and configuration.

  • Data Management – Restructuring 
    Due to their poor database management, client was saving all their end-client information under ‘opportunity’. Not only did this resulted in data structure overflow but also data redundancy as database was full of duplicity. App Maisters help to create a new database model that is usable, flexible, scalable to ensure high performance.
  • Data Visualization- Remodeling
    Display of 1500+ fields in a single form made it difficult for users to browse through the details for viewing or editing purposes. The form was about 20 pages long and the whole form loaded in one go and browsing through images slow, cumbersome and not appealing. App Maisters created a Visualforce page that show details and was divided into three collapsible section that listed detail information.
  • Third Party Integration
    App Maisters customized Web Services to help integrate with each 3rd party software which seemed a distant possibility earlier. This ensure speedy approval process and a more responsive design to ensure that sales reps could access application through their own devices.
  • Salesforce Customization
    With information and risk assessments having to be done manually, it took time to enter and receive approval, wasting a lot of previous time. Now approval system was thoroughly automated replacing the time-consuming manual systems.
  • Data Migration, QA and Security
    Re-modelling and Re-structuring resulted in data migration from the old portal to the new one. Considering the magnanimity of the volume of data, the biggest concern was a successful transfer of data. The magnitude of data required processing in batches due to the restraint of Salesforce Governance Limits. We securely and successfully migrated over 10 million of survey records, 5 million opportunities in number and 500 GB of data in documentations.

Tools & Technology

  • Salesforce
  • Visualforce
  • iOS 7
  • Java
  • Sencha


  • Loan-closing numbers faced jump to 30% in 6 months’ time
  • Survey process reduces from 4-day duration to 1-day duration
  • Faster load time by 30% with an advanced UI
  • Opportunity Approval process reduced by 2X
  • Seamless collaboration between Underwriters, Admin and Sales Representatives via new Note implementation