Anthem Bagel


This application is best suitable for the people who are foodie by nature and have cravings for delicious meals. Food is no doubt an easily accessible things but the meal you crave for, is not easily accessible sometimes. In such conditions this application allows user to order their food anywhere any time to satisfy their cravings.


A mobile app that would serve all the right reasons for customers of Anthem Bagel looking to make booking and make pre-orders for their meals. The app would seamlessly be designed and developed on the iOS and Android platforms catering to a wide range of customers in one shot. The app would contain generic information about Anthem Bagel and the services they offer to their customers. All information would be stored on the app’s database and entered in through a Web Based Admin Panel.

Project Solution

  • Customers / Users come to the application, create an account and login.
  • Users would be offered different menus prepared by Anthem Bagel. They can make selections of what they’d like to pre-order for a pick-up.
  • Users would be able to make payments for their meals through the application via in app balance.
  • Users would receive push notifications on order confirmation and order completion.
  • When user order for runtime then admin will be able to track user location via admin panel.
  • When user select a time frame for an order then APP won’t track the user location.

Tools & Technology

  • PHP
  • MySQL


  • Provide a platform for quick and easy order placement.
  • Comprehensive support services in ongoing IT support solutions.
  • Improved usability and effectiveness of overall customer service.