Tableau Consulting Services

Tableau Consulting and Development Services

Data consolidation and visualization with Tableau Consulting supports business intelligence, drilling down into the underlying performance efficiencies and highlighting any shortcomings.

App Maisters has the Tableau consultants and experts that can successfully define, collect, transform, and present data in Tableau, delivering insights needed to improve business processes.

App Maisters Tableau Consulting Competencies

Using a proven development process, App Maisters delivers Tableau consulting services for each phase of the system implementation.

Data Acquisition and Preparation

Depending on the data infrastructure of the organization, App Maisters will assist in defining the sources, performing ETL for Tableau Consulting Platform (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading), and finally validating the results required for analytical modeling.

System Definition and Configuration

Tableau Consulting has four main components: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, and Tableau Mobile. App Maisters’ Tableau developers will assist with defining the system requirements, configuring the components, and building the visualizations that serve the business’s needs.

Visualizations are available in the form of heat maps, gauges, charts, tables (including cross-tables), and drill-down charts. Advanced analytics like segmentation and cohort analysis enables us to provide expert advice on what visualizations and reports not only explain what happened, but also why it happened.

When things go wrong, these visualizations will assist in identifying:

Having access to this kind of Business Intelligence ensures businesses implement ways to avoid similar situations in the future.

Tableau Integration and Customization

Using Tableau’s Rest API or Tableau Server Client, our Tableau Consulting experts can develop customized applications that utilize the visualizations and increase the visibility of essential metrics throughout the organization.

Integrating Tableau with existing business applications will drive the use of actionable intelligence during the daily tasks carried out by resources.

Post Implementation Support

We can provide post implementation support and training for staff as well as the super users tasked with maintaining the system. App Maisters provides performance-tuning services for the established dashboards after the system is up and running, when users start making their own changes.

App Maisters Cloud Advisory

SSRS to Tableau Consulting Upgrade

An understanding of the ever evolving landscape of analytics allows App Maisters to understand and analyze an organization’s current analytical landscape. This includes the capabilities and limitations of their current analytical infrastructure, the proficiency of their resources and the overall culture of the organizations as a whole towards data science and analytics. Based on analysis, App Maisters is able to help the organization move from now-obsolete analytical systems like SSRS to more robust solutions such as Tableau. App Maisters offers a complete array of services which includes the assessment and recommendation, implementation and lastly training and development of the organization’s resources involved in its analytical landscape.

Dashboard Reporting

A good dashboard offers insightful data visualized in a manner that it can be interpreted at a glance. App Maisters ensures clarity when it comes to the excellent data report dashboarding functionality of the Tableau platform. Our experts are fully equipped to assess the reports necessary to your business operations and getting rid of redundant ones to offer an experience that is crisp, clean and helpful to aid in your business decision making process.

App Maisters Leverages Data into an Analytical Asset

App Maisters has a reputation for successfully delivering over 400 projects. We strive to bring digital transformation to enterprises and startups across the globe. Our team of consultants can establish client’s Tableau requirements to build a road map that ensures success.

Contact us today to help implement the latest solutions in business innovation and Tableau development.

Client Stories

Trusted by 400+ clients and brand since 2014


Nursing Care Bi Solution

App Maisters provided strategic consulting to a healthcare firm, optimizing decision-making support for their Skilled Nursing Product by standardizing reporting and improving data governance for service providers and citizens.


Global Medical Device Manufacturer

App Maisters was tasked by a Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer, operating in over 80 countries, to enhance their data visualization with PowerBI, supporting their PMO's oversight of 15-20 concurrent, multi-departmental projects lasting 8-24 months.
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