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Having a good looking and well-functioning application or program is just not enough in the modern era where hacking has reached heights and penetrated into places previously unheard of. Therefore to ensure you a peace of mind that your application, program or website is truly untouchable, App Maisters offers several security checks and assessments to ensure you property remains your own. Our experts are fully equipped to make your program breach-proof and give you the satisfaction of compromise-free software.


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There was a time when most network vulnerabilities started and ended with the computers used in your business. Now, with connected devices for almost every application, there could be dozens of different vulnerable points for hackers to gain access to your network, your information, and the information of your customers. At Security Maisters, we offer a comprehensive vulnerability assessment that considers all possible points of entry that must be accounted for and protected.

Threat Assessment

Customer data, employee data, financial information, and competitive information are all being sought by attackers when they target your business. No amount of planning and careful consideration can adequately prepare a business for a real-world attack. That’s why Security Maisters offers a professional threat assessment that imitates real hackers as they work to gain access to private data.

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Application Security

It is crucial to take application security with a strategic approach. In order to properly identify threats and attacks such as input validation, script injection, CGI vulnerabilities, a manual ethical hack from within the application is necessary. We follow a clear process and checklist to work towards safeguarding applications.

Managed Security

Security Maisters’ Managed Security Services (MSS) looks first at your capabilities within the company to response and then, provides you with a comprehensive customized MSS plan to ensure your company is not open to vulnerabilities.

Cloud Security

Security Maisters’ CASB solution help organizations extend the security controls of their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, assisting in four major areas: Data protection, Threat protection, Identity and Visibility.

Risk Assessment

As your business grows, so do the potential risks to your data. Distributed workplaces, remote servers, new staff, and new technologies can all present new, dangerous threats to your sensitive data. Getting a handle on all of the risks to your information can be a daunting task for those who are not prepared to complete a thorough risk assessment. That’s why so many businesses trust Security Maisters for a complete risk assessment and compliance breakdown.

Client Stories

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Healthcare Diagnostics Company IT Infrastructure Consolidation

App Maisters provided expertise in data center integration and migration, offering consultation and planning services to align technology with business processes, followed by dedicated onsite execution managing project management, application mapping, and flexible staffing, ensuring a smooth transition for the client.


Covid19 Vaccination Management PlatformCovid19 Vaccination Management Platform

App Maisters developed a streamlined COVID-19 vaccination management system for a healthcare institution, facilitating patient outreach, scheduling, administration, and tracking with efficiency and data security, aiding swift immunization and supporting public health goals.
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