On Monday, September 15, 2018, App Maisters announced that they will be partnering with Collaborative Work Environment to provide integration capabilities for their capstone facility optimization programs in the Southern states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and Arkansas.

CWE or Collaborative Work Environment specializes in helping large organizations such as Baylor, Kraft and many other Fortune 500 companies with optimizing their corporate real estate operational budgets through a landmark CAFM program aptly named One View. One View is a cost take-out and executive dash-boarding capstone solution that centralizes data from multiple sources within an organization and offers a holistic view of the facility’s operational expenditure while suggesting solutions for improvement and optimization.

App Maisters’ vast consultation & development expertise and experience in the Big Data and Analytics, Custom Software Development, IoT and Blockchain landscapes among other technologies will prove instrumental in creating custom development and integration for Collaborative Work Environment or CWE’s Facility Management products and services.

“We are thrilled to solidify the support agreement with AppMaisters to provide integration services and custom development for our CWE OneView deployments.” Said Jim Beall, the CEO of Collaborative Work Environment about App Maisters. “They bring a deep and skilled set of resources to help our client implement and track performance improvements across large and complex real estate portfolios.”

The strategic partnership opens up a host of opportunities for the big players operating in the 5-State region to start optimizing their operational cost budgets intelligently and have a bespoke solution designed to their preference. Major companies from the Oil and Energy, Industrial, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverages sectors among countless other and Public institutions such as Schools, Colleges and Correctional Facilities are all areas that can potentially benefit from a unique coalition such as this one.

The hectares of corporate real estate these organizations are spread over can be a real challenge to organize and make sense of costs and expenditures from. A facility Management Optimization Solution such as the one being collaboratively offered by CWE and App Maisters can help these conglomerates save substantial sums through a hierarchical approach to Data Extraction and features such as Capital Expenditure Evaluation and Glide-path Prioritization. The system, once implemented through the expertise of App Maisters claims to result in rapidly realized and sustained savings which, with gargantuan operating budgets of these organizations translates into millions of dollars annually.