With recent advancements in technology and new development tools, this year will bring a lot of creativity and excitement for web developers. In this post, you will discover the top 10 trends and predictions for the web development world in 2015.

Web Development Motion UI 

With the emerging trends in technology, tech people will see different trends regarding motion UI in 2015. As the trend of Motion UI is already implemented for apps and a lot of strong visual work using animation has been executed. In consort with Motion UI, Google’s Material Design is another latest emerging trend which will be seen in different projects helped along by frameworks like the Polymer Project.

New Challenges for Responsive Design

With the constant growth and extending popularity of wearable technology, there will be new design challenges for web developers which can be expected from different devices like the Apple Watch, Google Glass, and Oculus Rift. These responsive design challenges will be from different devices and screens, no matter what their size and shape. Additionally, Semantic UI is the latest design framework that seems really promising, particularly for app design.

Foundation for Apps

In the area of foundation for apps, the new framework has introduced several app templates which is an integrated JavaScript development environment with Angular JS and Gulp. This environment will have new design components including Motion UI and the flexbox grid. With its advanced features, people are expecting big things from it.

The rise of Node.js

In 2015, we will see a big shift in web application development that is toward Node.js and probably other JavaScript server-side frameworks. The web development team will be adopting it for future apps and shift towards Node.js using a single language on web projects. The node will help to push this transition along, as both front and back-end developers are generally competent in JavaScript.

Web UI components

When it comes to Web UI components, there are two frameworks, Polymer and React JS, which will be growing in popularity this year and providing more reusable dynamic components for web developers. Polymer is an advanced framework that allows developers to create client-side applications and incorporates mobile-ready design.

New JavaScript features

There will be new JavaScript features like WebGL 3D which will become increasingly popular this year. These new JavaScript features function with current browsers which continue to increase in speed and capability. Powered by frameworks like three.js, tech people hope to see more applications of this awesome technology in-browser.

HTML5 JavaScript APIs will have increased support in iOS and Android browsers
ServiceWorker magic for offline web-app use
Object. observe – revolutionizing two-way data binding in JavaScript MV* frameworks


This year, most web developers will create web applications and native apps using Web API. Though, some of them have started using it for building web apps. It is also predicted that Web API will almost certainly increase in popularity as a single codebase is a lot easier to maintain.
8. Single Page Applications

With the amazing growth of the above-mentioned technologies, the development of single-page web applications is expected this year.

The rise of Instagram

We have seen in last months that Instagram has passed the famous social channel Twitter in terms of users and engagement. With Instagram, people will have a lot more creative ways to share images and videos as new technology becomes available this year.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Last, of all, The Internet of Things (IoT) is the channel of physical objects that utilize embedded technology which is mainly used to communicate and interact with their environments and each other. Today when most devices are built with network-accessible features, so for web developers, it is a new task for them to come up with new solutions which help users control and communicate with their home appliances and other devices.
What are your web development predictions for 2015?

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