Even though we are overloaded with tons of mobile apps, the demand for mobile apps will still be there in the times to come. According to Statista, the number of mobile users will surpass seven billion marks in 2021.

By 2022, the experts predict the mobile app consumption to touch $157 billion worldwide, which means a 92% increase in spending. The mobile apps are popular because of their use cases, and the logistics and supply chain industry realize that fact.

How are mobile apps revolutionizing the Logistic and Supply Chain Industry?

One study found that mobile apps led to a decline of 50% in supply chain costs. Furthermore, the companies are also able to optimize their resources and select the easiest/best route for delivery. With customers getting more and more demanding, the mobile app offers customers a way to track their shipment and know about it in advance.

Here are some of the key benefits of mobile apps that are bringing a massive positive change in the logistics and supply chain industry:

Stimulating real-time product demands

It has become increasingly important to generate the best possible path to the destination in real-time. Figuring out the best route for the delivery not only improves your productivity but also increases the satisfaction level of customers. The integrated programs in mobile apps allow your customers to track the products and your staff to reach the location as fast as possible.

Data utilization with ease

The study shows that companies are not able to utilize around 60-70% of their data. The implication of mobile apps will allow companies to gain unique insights with automated generated data on a massive scale. It wards off the issue of poor customer service and allows your employees to handle the transaction on the go.

Overcome performance gaps

The access to a massive amount of data allows the logistic manager to make close calls with all essential resources in access. The precise dashboard makes it easier for a manager to spot gaps immediately without any delay. The customer also gets a message quickly if there is a delay in their delivery.

Pave the way for the entrance of better technologies

The rise of technologies like IoT and sensors is making it crucial for companies to integrate them into their businesses. It can be quite challenging for businesspeople to incorporate those technologies. The mobile app can act as a bridge to integrating emerging technologies with firms. For instance, we can use a sensor with a mobile app to make it work quickly without any hassles.

Eliminating hectic administrative tasks

The task of manually recording every transaction is not easy. It is time-consuming but necessary. With a mobile app, you can integrate both front-end and back-end to automate administrative tasks within all departments. It takes away all the hassles of doing every unproductive thing manually.

Ease of booking and payments

Booking an order has never been easier than today. With a mobile app, your customers can directly log in and book the order without any difficulties. The major companies like DHL, FedEx, and so on have got a lot out of these features. It has been seen that ease of payment also increases the number of transactions.

Simplistic Warehouse Management

Thanks to mobile apps, you don’t have to worry even a bit about your inventory in the warehouse. The mobile app makes it possible to get access to real-time data, which allows you to optimize the level of stock. It saves a lot of cost over time and will also allow your company to meet the demand of the market consistently.

Over to You

There used to be a time when a mobile app was a tool for a competitive edge. In today’s era, the companies in the logistics and supply chain industry cannot even imagine meeting the customers’ wants without a mobile app.

The sophistication of the mobile app will depend on the size of your company and the things that you want to be carried out via a mobile app. With that said, it is vital to get your business requirements part covered before moving forward with the development.

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