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As a Metaverse development company, the team at App Maisters has the expertise and know-how to help launch your digital Metaverse. Our team will provide software development and technical support for your project, regardless of size or shape. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and our in-depth knowledge in blockchain, web 3.0, VR, and augmented reality, we build and develop various Metaverse components, including Metaverse NFT marketplaces, 3D virtual spaces, decentralized platforms, and additional Metaverse development apps.

Metaverse Services We Offer

Our team is specialized in developing decentralized gaming, trading, and social platforms based on the needs and requirements of your project. We provide UX/UI design, smart contracts, frontend & backend development, as well as Oracle implementation and any other features that you may request.

Our teams are blockchain specialists with over a decade of experience in distributed ledger technologies, as well as specific blockchain attributes such as transparency, automation, user autonomy, security, and privacy. We provide Metaverse applications specific to your blockchain project so that your customers can enjoy a premium Metaverse experience.

Our team offers software development services and builds virtual 3D spaces targeted at your Metaverse project. We use our creative spirit and expertise to provide a wide variety of services, including 3D modeling, 3D virtualization, and interoperability.

Our metaverse integration services are crafted to help improve the functionalities and features of your Metaverse project, thus making sure the user experience delivered is state-of-the-art. In terms of services included, we provide integration for APIs, tools, and data.

The future of gaming is on the Metaverse and our Metaverse game development team builds and launches various gaming metaverses. We leverage exciting playability, including play-to-earn, 3D virtual environments, NFT trading, in-game commerce, live game streaming, and other metaverse development services

The future of social media is in the Metaverse, and our team is equipped with the skills necessary to turn your vision into reality. We can develop a social network with excellent connectivity, a next-generation 3D environment, and outstanding UX so that your users can easily connect, engage, and socialize.

Metaverse marketplaces are booming, and our team is more than ready to build one for your business. We can assist with software development and other technical requirements, including analysis, conceptualization, and full-cycle development services.

Metaverse Technology

How can the team at App Maister support your decentralized Metaverse project?
Fully Decentralized Network

Fully-Decentralized Network

We will make sure that your Metaverse project is hosted on a fully-decentralized, high-bandwidth computer network. This way, all data is sent fast and securely, thus guaranteeing constant real-time user connections.

Interoperable & Open Standards

Since your Metaverse will need permission less, fast, and transparent transactions, we develop and execute smart contracts for improved efficiency and bulletproof security.
Full Stack Software Development

Full-Stack Software Development

Whether your project needs one Metaverse developer or more, our team uses various programming languages, including Shader, JavaScript, WebGPU, HTML, WebXR, and WebAssembly.
Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development

Since your Metaverse will need permission less, fast, and transparent transactions, we develop and execute smart contracts for improved efficiency and bulletproof security.
Payment Wallets


For your Metaverse to benefit from a decentralized payment system, our team offers gateways and cryptocurrency wallets built with state-of-the-art technologies.
Upgrades & Maintenance

Upgrades & Maintenance

To make sure your Metaverse project functions properly 24/7, our team provides upgrade and maintenance services to smart contracts, nodes, and the overall metaverse network. This way, user trust, and reliability are constantly maintained.

If you need expert Metaverse development, look no further than App Maisters. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business with Blockchain technology consulting.

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