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Expert Java Development for Value-Oriented System Integration

App Maisters Java development company has an impressive array of excellent libraries for solving problems common to the enterprise development space. The ability to choose between multiple libraries – often free, open source libraries – makes Java development a key value differentiator for many organizations.

App Maisters Java development company is not limited to the large enterprise only. Even small and mid-sized businesses can make use of the Java ecosystem to develop business-friendly solutions that can run on nearly any system. Java’s interoperability standards allow organizations to migrate solutions from one vendor to another without having to rewrite their core business processes.

Implementing Java Development for Systems Integration

One of the key use cases for Java application development is systems integration. When you have data running between multiple and independent systems, ensuring clean and reliable interchange can be a steep challenge.

Java is the ideal solution for this type of challenge because of its platform independence, choice of libraries and frameworks, and market maturity. It offers key benefits to businesses that need to integrate disparate systems.


Integrate Enterprise Applications

Making the most of application integration requires highly qualified Java developers and consultants. Our team can deliver integration solutions for communicating data securely across your network – from customer relationship management software to corporate mail and even custom-coded applications.

Middleware Development

Point-to-point integration is a common need among organizations investing in systems integration. Ad-hoc middleware development can be the key to ensuring your business applications operate smoothly with one another.

Customized Data Integration

If you need customized data replication, federation, or management solutions created with a user-friendly interface for your employees, our team can deliver. We can help businesses integrate communication channels to create heterogenous data.

API Integration

Third-party functionality is a specialty of ours at App Maisters. We help enterprises integrate payment gateways, social networks, e-commerce platforms, and more into their existing systems. Custom API development is a key value for clients looking to integrate separate systems across their network.

Enterprise Service Buses

Our team of Java consultants and developers can create, deploy and integrate enterprise service buses that provide full documentation, system improvements, and IT training to enterprise organizations.

These solutions allow the transformation of messages from source systems into formats readable by target systems using SOAP, REST, and HTTP protocols.

IoT Integration

Entrust our team with the integration of IoT endpoints into your enterprise applications to streamline business processes throughout every level of your organization. Our experience in gateway programming, system configuration, data integration, and cloud migration give us an edge in the race towards better and more efficient Java development for enterprise IoT solutions.

Integrated Microservices

Our team can help distribute independent components and lightweight microservice architectures that help businesses orchestrate scalable workloads with agility and resilience. Our microservice-oriented solutions turn large, siloed frameworks into small, manageable systems with unique databases, interfaces, and processes.

We can then create functional, customized inter-service communication channels that replicate databases across the microservice network, creating a loosely-coupled system of collaborating services with fewer points of failure and greater overall efficiency.

Java Technology Expertise

As a high-level Java application development company, we can handle all of the major technologies and platforms that are available, including:

Java Frameworks

javaframe works

Java-Based Cloud Development

java based- cloud development

SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture

soa service oriented architecture



Big Data

big data

Java Search

java search

Cutting-Edge Java Development Builds Enterprise Value

The ability to leverage expert Java consultants and developers is a key value differentiator for small and mid-sized businesses looking to implement enterprise-level workflow efficiencies through integrated systems. Organizations that invest in development earn more and spend less on daily workflows.

Client Stories


To create APIs for a new section of “Sales Enablement” in the already existing website of “QuickStart”. App Maisters created Backend API’s connecting the Sales Enablement module with the Admin Panel. This allowed users to access Sales Enablement module while surfing on various websites owned by QuickStart.

Please Click Here to view QuickStart case study.

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