Business Statistics in today’s world of fast-paced technologies and innovations, Artificial Intelligence is playing a more powerful role than it has ever played before. In the last year’s report that got featured in Customer Think, Gigi Piccolo wrote, “The IBM Watson Partner Ecosystem, for instance, allows companies to tap into the power of Watson for fields as varied as healthcare and education. In addition, the Amazon Echo Developer Network allows you to add voice functionality to connected devices and enhance Alexa’s skills.”

Seeing where business statistics are headed today—a similar shift is halfway through surrounding artificial intelligence (AI). Now, the question that comes to how exactly will this technology impact your business? To find out, check out the stats mentioned below.

10 Important Business Statistics Surrounding Artificial Intelligence

The above question is being answered henceforth using the following important statistics. At a short glance, these ten points will show you where your modern & rapid-paced consumer-driven industry is headed.

  1. There was an added $300 million of venture capital that got invested in AI-based start-ups back in 2014. Judging from this number, a booming 300% increase in investments was observed, if we compare it to the preceding year. (Bloomberg)
  2. By the year 2020, more than 85% of customer-to-business interactions will be carried out without humans. (Gartner)
  3. By the year 2018, 6 billion connected devices will be asking for proactive support.(Gartner)
  4. More than 32% of business statistics executives consider voice recognition as the most widely used AI technology.(Narrative Science)
  5. In the same arena, 44% of business executives believe in a single most important benefit of artificial intelligence, which is: “automated communications that provide data that can be used to make decisions.”  (Narrative Science)
  6. Towards the end of 2018, customers will be recognized by their faces and voices with the help of ‘customer digital assistants’ across a sea of channels and partners. (Gartner)
  7. By the year 2020, smart agents will be managing 40% of all mobile interactions. (Gartner)
  8. A huge chunk of 80% of executives believes that artificial intelligence improves work performance and is the leading factor that creates jobs.(Narrative Science)
  9. 15% of Apple’s iPhone users exist, that are actively making use of Siri and its voice recognition skills.  (BGR)
  10. By the end of the decade, this great war of artificial intelligence will replace 16% of all American jobs.(Forrester)


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