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.NET Development Company

.NET Development Company

App Maisters is a well- Known Dot NET Development Company that provides a Microsoft development framework that works on a variety of systems. This powerful platform can be leveraged to create websites, mobile applications, desktop software, high-powered games, enterprise solutions, and Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

App Maisters have experienced Dot NET development companies that create powerful technology solutions that can meet the needs of your small, medium, or large business. As proactive full-cycle Dot NET software developers, we can drive your project from the design stage all the way to launch, while offering responsive support throughout the process.

.Net Development Services

App Maisters is a well- Known .NET Development Company we create and deliver high-performance, enterprise-level apps and technology that works wherever you need it – on the Internet, for mobile phones and tablets, and via the cloud.

Enterprise .NET Development

If you are looking for experienced and certified .NET programmers who can handle a .NET customization from scratch, look no further. Our team is highly experienced with taking complex business requirements and translating them into powerful custom .NET solutions that can scale easily.

Legacy Upgrades and .NET Migrations

If you have a bunch of old, legacy apps and systems that aren’t able to keep up with the pace of business, our .NET software developers and administrators can help. We can migrate your technology to a powerful and robust .NET ecosystem that can grow with your business.

We can also move your legacy desktop software to a powerful web-based system that can work across systems and in different locations.

Integrating .NET with Other Systems

One of our specialties is .NET integration. Whether you need to connect legacy software via the .NET API or want to use BizTalk to create truly powerful integration, we can help. Our goal is to get apps talking to each other so you can focus on business.

Third Party .NET Development

Perhaps you had another .NET application developer create a mobile app for you, but they’ve skipped town. Now, you need an update. What do you do? Call App Maisters! We can rescue your abandoned .NET applications and give them new life. This includes improving user interfaces (UI) and powering up functionality.

The Amazing Things We Can Do With .NET

When you take the power of .NET and add the expertise of our certified .NET developers, you can create powerful, amazing applications that can transform your business. Here is just some of what we can do for you:

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Our intelligent .NET experts at App Maisters offer cross-platform mobile app development. One of the powerful tools we can use is Xamarin, which uses a C#-shared codebase to develop native Android, iOS, and Windows. This can reduce development costs while speeding up the programming process, with the end result being a powerful app that can work on different smartphones and tablets.

We can also leverage the native APIs offered by Windows to create extremely secure mobile apps that interface with diverse products from Microsoft.

Cloud-Based .NET Systems

The cloud is here to stay, and it is now a secure and scalable option for both internal and external applications. Whether you want to build a high-traffic website with a massive and growing database, or store internal data that can be accessible in multiple offices and geographical locations, our cloud-based .NET system development can help.

Powerful Websites

Whether you need a rock-solid online store or a unique interactive website application, our .NET web developers can build it for you leveraging the Microsoft .NET platform. Games, online auctions, databases, ecommerce, Internet portals, and more can all be made to scale using .NET’s powerful and flexible framework.

Enterprise-Level Solutions

From corporate intranets to enterprise resource planning applications, our knowledgeable .NET software programmers can set up comprehensive IT systems that power your business. These solutions can include document management, cloud storage, and powerful big data integrations to enable enterprise collaboration and business intelligence.

Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics

We develop custom Office 365 apps that address any needs your business operations might have. We can also connect your existing solution to 3rd party systems or a corporate environment to provide enterprise-wide access to any data source. We can also deploy Microsoft Dynamics to provide a powerful business management solution.

Why App Maisters?

App Maisters offers full-service enterprise-level .Net development utilizing Agile methodologies to get the job done quickly and effectively. Our certified .NET developers work with you throughout the entire software development life cycle, from initial planning to final launch and beyond, to make sure that your project is a success.

With our in-depth knowledge and capabilities in websites, cloud-based services, enterprise applications, and more, you can rest assured your application will be robust and secure.

Looking for a .Net Developer?

For the best in .NET development, look no further than App Maisters. Contact us today to learn how we can help you solve your business problems with .NET technology.

Client Stories


Traffic Ticket CRM is a Customer Relationship Management application for high-volume traffic ticket and criminal defense law firms. It is the only fully integrated CRM software with court-data-based lead automation and mailer integration.

This tool not only allows law firms to manage their workflow but it also pulls court-data- based leads from court houses through out Texas and automates the process of mailer generation. This allows attorneys the opportunity to not only offset their CRM costs but also to generate revenues using the same tool.

Please Click Here to view LEGAL CRM case study.

PSHYC+ - EHR Application for Psychiatry Clinics

A company based in Houston, TX has approached App Maisters team to develop a SaaS based HIPAA/HiTrust Compliant EHR application for  psychiatric clinics nationwide. The application also support FHIR Apis that allows for interoperability with other Healthcare applications. The application helps enter patients, doctors, and clinics.  It  track Patient historical data, identify patients that are due for checkups,  patients’ vital signs like blood pressure etc and help doctors monitor and improve the over all quality of care in the practice. The system also integrates with e-prescription and other third party billing system.

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