In past years, cloud computing has integrated into almost every facet of the Information Technology industry. Whether it is sales, marketing, finance, or support – all of these industries are taking advantage of this huge platform and planning to re-engineer their applications to take advantage of the cloud’s instant access. It is just because the cloud has been providing multiple tools for the desktop development of better solutions and constantly transforming the way applications are designed, tested, and deployed, resulting in a significant shift in application development priorities. However, to utilize this technology, the cost is a major driver because it delivers agility, flexibility, and speed to deploy new enterprise applications and there are many firms that estimate that 90% of large enterprises and government agencies will use many aspects of cloud computing in 2015.

Over the past decade, the cloud has provided a number of solutions and tools for businesses that drive IT and help businesses develop complex and advanced applications. However, in spite of this transformation, there has been little disruption to the integrated development environment (IDE) world. Today the world with more than 15 million developers, teams, and organizations continue to use desktop IDEs as their workbench of choice.
We will discuss in this post that Why hasn’t the development environment moved to the cloud along with just about every other application?

What’s Wrong With Desktop Development?

With the changing technology, desktop development environments have become outdated. It is just because desktop development has been failing more often and producing productivity issues for developers.
Complicated configuration management: The significant configuration management development for a developer’s workspace makes developers part-time system administrators for which they need to be responsible for their own mini-data center which runs completely on the desktop. This process consumes time and is error-prone and challenging to automate.

Decreased productivity:

There are many integrated development environments (IDEs) that have memory and disk hogs, with significant boot times. It is just because they are resource-hungry that they can starve other applications, such as the Web browser. The net effect is a less productive developer is due to a slower machine.

Limited accessibility:

Another issue is limited accessibility for developers as they cannot access their workspaces via mobile devices. In case, when developers require remote access, they have to resort to complex and slow solutions to get connected such as GoToMyPC.

Poor collaboration:

With desktop development, developers need to face poor collaboration. Today when developers require working with different teams, it is critical to have an efficient collaboration system for the developers. However, with desktop IDEs, developers are being forced to communicate with their teams via other means.

The Solution: Cloud Development

The recent advancements in technology have brought significant solutions to solve these problems, and the solution is to move the entire development workspace into the cloud. The developer’s environment is a combination of the IDE, the local build system, the local runtime (to test and debug the locally edited code), the connections between these components, and their dependencies with tools such as Continuous Integration or central services such as Web Services, specialized data stores, legacy applications or partner-provided services.

The cloud-based workspace is efficient and centralized which makes it easy to share with developers. They can invite other team members to their workspace to collaborate with them. Cloud provides a workspace for developers where they can communicate with one another in the workspace itself. Moreover, the benefits of cloud computing are already clear and proved by several developers and organizations.

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