Two Way


Two Way is a social instant messaging service with a auto text translator. The app is created to bridge the gap between two people that speak different languages or are from different parts of the world. The app eliminates the language barrier between any two language with the use of auto translator to translate text in the preferred language.


To develop a chatting application that immediately translate the text between two people speaking different languages in order to save the user time and allows the conversation to flow quicker and easier.


  • Applied a method in which users select preferred language and messages are automatically translated.
  • All key chat messenger components included to update profiles, group chat, sync contacts, emojis, push notification, send & receive photos and videos.
  • Chat windows that automatically updates to the preferred language upon sign up.
  • The message is sent and received in preferred language.
  • When sent to the other person, it will be automatically translated to the receiver’s preferred language.

Tools & Technology

  • Platform – iOS & Android
  • Backend – Swift 3, Java, Firebase, Google Translator API


  • Less miscommunication between two different language speaking users
  • Decrease language barrier
  • Increase flow of communication, making it easier to speak to people from different parts of the world.
  • Hassle –free and intuitive user experience