As UK is famous for the existence of ghosts in castles and old places, so just to make pubs and bars more exciting for its visitors, client has developed this application base on augmented reality which will create virtual ghosts/spectral visions with transparency through visitors camera and they can capture them for entertainment.

Basically this application is meant to create exciting and scary ghost visions for the purpose of entertaining users.


The purpose of the app is to create a series of spectral visions, or ghosts, that appear overlaid upon the reality viewed by the camera of the user’s smart device. Total number of specters/ghosts to be numbered at 6-7. The specters/ghosts need to be tethered to specific locations within the space occupied by The Splintered Wand and Piscataqua & Balch, 5135 Ballard Avenue NW, 98107.

Once completed, the 2 AIRBNB units will also require one specter/ghost each, so the app will need to be designed to accommodate expansion


The client has made this application for increased traffic of users and their engagement in pub and bar. Its exiting features would drift users to try it and stay for a longer period of time at the premises.

Tools & Technologies