Sinus and Snoring


This device is meant for medical treatment of sinus, and to examine the process of it. App Maisters has enhanced its functionality, which allows it to not only get tackled by iPhone but also Apple TV screens as well, which lets them observe and examine the sinus process more clearly and perfectly.


The objective is to enhance functionality of existing application like incorporate login and signup functionality, as well as Admin controls within the app. This will also allow admin to restrict only approved devices to be used by App functionality.

App Solution

An iPad application that would allow users to control the Go Pro Camera via Wi-Fi. There is an Admin Panel, Where admin can bind devices with specific user, any device which is not approved there, User will not be able to use that device.

Tools & Technology

  • Native iOS
  • Cloud
  • Firestore database


  • Provide easy-to-use desktop application that enables user and admin to perform multiple tasks easily
  • Increased controlling mechanism over devices while restricting its users
  • Since the users are restricted to use the devices, there is a proper authorization mechanism to implement this.