The need to access information quickly is more urgent in healthcare and pharmaceutical companies than in any other industry because the value of time here is associated with lives and not money. The ability of mobile phones to transmit important information anytime anywhere is leading to its increasing adoption. According to a HIMSS report, 93% of physicians make use of mobile technology in their day to day activities and 80% use it to provide patient care. An estimated 66% of doctors own a tablet, and 54% use it in their practices. The Manhattan Research/Physician Channel Adoption Study reports that physicians spend 64% of their online time looking for information to make or support clinical decisions. This number is double the time previously spent browsing print resources. All these statistics indicate that mobility is an important piece in improving the quality of healthcare services and other industries associated with it.


The primary goal behind developing Scienomics was to create a robust platform tailored for sales professionals. This platform enables them to efficiently create, manage, and schedule programs aimed at engaging physicians, speakers, and other healthcare professionals effectively. By offering comprehensive tools and features, Scienomics empowers sales teams to streamline their interactions and drive successful collaborations within the healthcare industry.


The app allowed their sales reps to set up, schedule and register events and attendees, reducing data inconsistencies. This helped them focus their sales and marketing effort on actual research and marketing rather than keeping their paperwork up to date regarding events and registration.

Tools And Technologies