Ride Sharing App for PTA


Ride Sharing App for PTA works best as a stress reliever for parents, since parents have busy schedules and have tons of works on heads, they can avail it’s services of pick and drop for their kids. By the help of this application more than one parent can schedule a driver and if the time collides, there is a ride share between more than one kid, which is more safe and comfortable for children.

Not only for kids and parents but also for the drivers who are in search of employment, can avail this application as an amazing opportunity. If not for pick and drop both, they can avail only one way service.


A mobile app that serves as a school bus enhancement system, for those students who use buses, vans, and shuttles. This application facilitates the parents to remove the dependencies on any other 3rd party transport mode. They can become drivers and utilize other parent’s (driver) services to manage their kid’s pick and drop enhancing their kid’s safety as well.


Since this application requires dynamic navigation for drivers to access Google map, but as Google does not provide SDK for this, one thing we could do was to redirect it to Google map but that could cause us to leave our application so conclusively we performed this task by mapbox, which was a challenge for us to do so, but successfully it was achieved.

App Solution

This application basically works as an assistance for parents, since parents are always concerned about their children’s safety as well as punctuality. This application works best to provide driver facility to children also parents can track their kids throughout the way by its tracking mechanism. On the other hand this application serves best to provide employment to many people who are in search of driving job opportunities.

Tools & Technology

  • Android SDK – Kotlin
  • IOS SDK – Swift
  • PHP (Laravel)
  • Mysql
  • Payment gateway (stripe)
  • Firebase database
  • mapbox
  • EC2 for computing
  • RDS for database services
  • EFS for elastic file storage for persistence.
  • We have used cloud for better scalability, availability and resilience


  • Provide easy-to-use platform to avail driving services for children
  • Provide volunteering facility for parents so that they can ensure their children’s safety
  • Improved efficiency while taking minimum time in searching drivers
  • Provide ride sharing facility for kids to get more comfortable.