Premier Transportation


There are so many drivers who are un-employed and there are so many users who need drivers for them. This application serves as usable platform for both. On one hand it will provide a platform of opportunity for un-employed drivers and on the other hand it will serves as assistance to seek drivers.


The objective is to develop a (Non-emergency) transportation management Android mobile application used for pick and drop off of people or things by registered drivers. The app owner will be able allocate, track and monitor drivers on real time basis as well.

App Solution

App Maisters Inc., developed an application which facilitates the app owner to allocate trips to his drivers and track them on real time basis. It also enables the app owner to track hours worked by the driver on the basis of Check-in/Check-outs and Break-in Break-outs so that he can pay them accordingly.

Tools & Technology

  • React Native
  • firebase .
  • Net
  • Ms Sql
  • EC2 for computing
  • RDS for database services
  • EFS for elastic file storage for persistence.
  • We have used cloud for better scalability, availability and resilience


  • Provide usable application interface that enables user and admin to perform multiple tasks easily
  • Enhanced security and monitoring by real-time tracking feature
  • Provides platform for drivers as well as users who need them