There are tons of people worried about who their soul mates are, and where can they find the most compatible partner for them. This application works best in such cases, it lets them find their most suitable partner as their soulmate. Whole scenario works on the basis of information provided while creating the account, and if the user (male or female) finds any registered user compatible, they can access them by a message to get the process proceed.


The idea is to develop a Matrimonial Web App that would allow users to be matched up on the basis of their personal preferences. Users have the ability to search for their desired matches by using filters. The main objective is to provide users a platform to seek their soul mate.

App Solution

App Maisters designed and developed Marrynation for all the users out there worried for their relationships/marriages and seeking for their partners. It provides a usable platform to diversified users so that their tension is reduced at maximum. This application is an easy and efficient way to get your most suitable partner.

Tools & Technology

  • hP/Laravel
  • Html (Css, bootstrap and java script)
  • EC2 for computing
  • RDS for database services
  • EFS for elastic file storage for persistence.
  • S3(simple, storage and service) for binary file storage
  • We have used cloud for better scalability, availability and resilience


  • Provide easy-to-use application that will provide assistance to general users
  • Increased efficiency while reducing the time to search soul mates
  • Improved usability and effectiveness of overall customer service
  • Easy and effective searching facility.