Drag Racer Reaction Trainer


Drag Racer Reaction Trainer is an virtual reality application created to help drag racers to practice their reaction time at the starting point. The application enables the users to practice using the different options in ‘Christmas tree’ pre-stage lights & external conditions to help increased the actual experience.


Objective of the application is to improve drivers’ reaction time by providing them a similar stimulations to being on the race course. The application stimulates visuals and factors associated with starting a drag race such as the sound of the raging engine, confinement of the car cockpit and the feeling of wearing a helmet.

It was important to make it a holistic experience, hence client wanted to have a virtual reality version of the application.


Provide an application that is compatible with Google Cardboard with a 180 degree view of the environment

Actual experience of racing cockpit by including other elements such as another driver, sound of the engine, etc to provide a holistic feel of starting the race

Reaction time recorded to show improvement in response by users

Tools & Technology