Behavioral Health Science


Our Client is dedicated to providing comprehensive mental health solutions to patients, clinicians, and administrators. They are committed to facilitating patients with education, support, and mental well-being, adhering to stringent regulations such as HIPAA.


The primary challenge was to develop a comprehensive mental health application that caters to a diverse audience, including patients, clinicians, and administrators. The app needed to be robust, secure, and compliant with HIPAA and other relevant regulations.


The objective of the app was to provide a platform where patients could register, monitor their mental health symptoms, access educational content, and get support. Clinicians were able to manage patient records, track progress, and communicate effectively. The admin was able to manage users, content, and get insights from the analytics dashboard.


A three-tiered app solution was proposed:

Main Features of the Project:

Patients App:

Clinicians App:

Admin Console:

Tech Stack