Activity Intelligence


An R&D organization wished to develop a platform that allowed participants to share and collect their data on different activities and survey. App Maisters team helped to develop a well-integrated cost-effective solution using disruptive emerging technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.


App Maisters provided a platform for R&D organizations to manage their projects seamlessly by letting participants share their data performing different activities on demand, collect data from wide variety of sources. R&D organizations were able to develop their programs instantaneously and search for relevant participant data within their network. They can also ask for new participant data if it is required.


We developed an IoT backed solution which collect data from participant wearable devices automatically. Using Big Data Technology, we were able to analyze these huge quantities of data that was made available and seamlessly shared by participants to relevant organizations. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, we were able to machine aware samples of data and allow machines to recognize patterns of data to connect with R&D searches.


  • Seamless process to attaining data
  • Larger database of data shared, collected and analyzed
  • Cuts down research time by half
  • Impact on the entire healthcare research, redefines how research is conducted
  • Allow new entrants in research to conduct their programs with anonymous research data, with the least possible hassle