Can Turn Ai Solutions Workforce Assets Right Now

Now that Google has showcased the awe-inspiring ability of Artificial Intelligence to make phone calls to real human beings, it seems like that future is actually here. But what does that technology really mean for business owners, executives, and developers interested in using AI to address real-world business challenges?

The truth is that AI solutions are available right now, and forward-thinking businesses are already implementing them as workforce assets that produce real value. By combining the right approach with the right development talent, you can create value-generating solutions that will give you an AI-powered edge in your industry.

Examples of AI Solutions Ready for Business Implementation:

Although making headlines, next-generation solutions like Google Duplex are still in development. Google itself says that the technology can only deal with “closed-loop” conversations for now.

But that doesn’t mean you should wait until voice-activated AI becomes the next big thing. When that happens, some other flashy new technology will become the next big thing. You could spend your entire career ignoring the opportunities you have right now in favor of the opportunities you think you may get tomorrow.

But what can AI do for you right now? Surprisingly, quite a bit. Some of the most valuable examples include:

  • Personalized One-to-One Marketing:

    In a 2017 Monetate study, 79 percent of respondents claimed that automating decisions at scale was one of the biggest obstacles to transforming segmentation-oriented marketing to true one-to-one personalized marketing. AI is the perfect solution for automating decisions at scale.

  • Consumer-Facing Chatbots:

    Chatbots are becoming more and more popular among consumer-facing brands, and the benefits are clear. 80 percent of businesses want to incorporate chatbots by the year 2020. Better yet, incorporating a text-based chatbot right now will help you position yourself for the voice-active AI solutions of the future.

  • Image/Text Analysis and Tracking:

    One of the most powerful areas of AI development today is image and text analysis. These AI solutions can analyze, verify, and track almost any kind of data in the business environment. Companies already use AI to analyze insurance claims for fraud, classify drug interactions for medical research, and scan product labels to ensure they are correctly placed.

  • Predictive Maintenance:

    Any business that relies on hardware has to maintain a balance between time-consuming break/fix routines and preventative maintenance. Detailed sensor data and predictive AI algorithms can schedule maintenance tasks at the optimal moment – right before something actually breaks.

The Time to Develop is Now:

AI is an intense field, with new technologies coming out all the time. The key to maintaining an edge on your competition is not waiting for the perfect moment to enter the field, but investing in solutions that meet real business needs long-term.

Our developers can help you transform your AI idea into a real-life value-producing workforce asset. Talk to App Maisters today and find out how!