Artificial Intelligence is one of the great frontiers of the 21st century. AI has the potential to make things easier for all of us.

When it comes to creating a better business strategy, there are two key areas that AI can change the way you think about getting things done – marketing and management.

Learning computers can both increase marketing efficiency and managerial efficiency. Let’s look at a few of the ways they can accomplish this (with help from us humans, of course).

Marketing Methods:

Individuals can draw on AI to enhance their marketing efforts in ways that could not be accomplished otherwise. Computers can sort through and examine vast amounts of data at light speed and report the results to us. The resulting information can prove to have tremendous value when trying to determine how best to reach your ideal customer or client.

Data Processing:

This one is a given. A supercomputer can process data much faster than any human being. This can save vast amounts of time and resources.

The processing of key data can also generate better leads. Why roll the dice when searching for a potential customer when you can pinpoint those who have a statistically higher chance of turning into sales conversions?

Take social media automation giant Buffer, for example. By analyzing billions of social media posts, they have determined the exact times of day that posts will receive the most views and engagements. Depending on your location and time zone, they will present you with this information (for a monthly subscription fee, of course).

Personalizing Your Message:

Now that you’ve found the right people, you can reach them more effectively.

The great thing about modern AI is that it can keep learning – so the more data an algorithm processes, the more it figures out what gets results. And the more results it receives, the more accurate data it has, leading to a continual feedback loop of success.

Management Trends:

AI will revolutionize management for the simple reason that a machine will, in a sense, become a co-worker.

This doesn’t mean all jobs are going to disappear – certain elements of business will always require a human touch. But it does require some new strategies on the part of managers.

Leave Administrative Tasks to Your Cybernetic Colleague:

A survey conducted by Harvard Business Review in 2016 revealed that most managers spend the majority of their time on administration-related tasks such as creating shift schedules. After having created a weekly schedule, managers have to constantly adjust to changes that arise due to employees being absent. AI can automate tasks like these and free up time for more important challenges.

If you intend on using AI to create a better business strategy, you now have an idea of where to start.

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