Business Application Migration Aws Cloud


Our client embarked on a mission to revolutionize and elevate the textile industry. They envisioned a market-focused B2B portal that would become a game-changer. Over the years, their journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by consistent and impressive growth. Today, their influence extends across the digital terrain of more than 190 countries, firmly establishing their unique and pivotal role in the industry.


The project objective entailed facilitating our client in transitioning their .NET-based application to the AWS Cloud environment. Across various domains, the client maintained several websites operating on a 2-tier structure, where the User Interface coexisted with the Database layer. These websites were hosted on multiple Web servers, while the DB utilized SQL Server Standard edition. Our responsibility at App Maisters was to orchestrate a seamless migration of their existing setup to AWS, encompassing all necessary Managed Services.


App Maisters proposed a comprehensive solution by closely collaborating with the client to gain a profound understanding of their existing business architecture. Subsequently, the following strategy was designed and executed on the AWS platform:


Through a harmonious collaboration, the App Maisters team successfully orchestrated the migration of their client’s .NET-based application to the AWS Cloud. This accomplishment entailed the flawless transition of the existing infrastructure to AWS, while concurrently introducing a robust and reliable architecture that flawlessly met all of the client’s requirements.