Mobile App Development Experts In Austin To Make Your App Dream a Reality

Whether you have an idea, MVP, or even a product, scaling your business is never easy. With over 15 years of hands-on experience in mobile app development in Austin, the enthusiastic team at App Maisters is all set to help you thrive. Let’s work together on positioning your app in front of your competitors!  

Our skilled iOS and Android developers will be by your side every step of the process – starting from brainstorming project requirements and prototype design all the way to developing your MVP, building, and scaling your product. What makes us unique? Our customized workflows rely on rapid prototyping strategies, lean principles, and agile methodologies enable the whole App Maisters team to work fast and efficiently, flexibly, and creatively to make sure your users’ needs are met.

State-of-the-art Mobile App Development in Austin, Texas

With mobile apps projected to generate an astounding $188.9 billion from in-app ads and app store revenue, it’s no wonder your competition is stronger than ever. The good news is, there’s a way to stand out. State-of-the-art android app development services are tough to find. Our team is keen on helping you settle on the most effective and cost-efficient strategy. 

To make your idea better, allow us to work our magic! The team at App Maisters will do thorough research of the competition first. They will also brainstorm ideas for UX and UI, as well as brainstorm goals and objectives you should attain to succeed.  

Convenient & efficient IPHONE APP DEVELOPMENT In Austin

No matter the platform you choose to launch your app on, the most strategy we advise you to have is budget, time, and patience. Our dedicated iOS designers are not just highly-skilled, but also creative minds that will make sure your app is user-friendly. 

We leverage the newest wireframing and prototyping techniques in iPhone app development in the initial design stages using different filters, tools, and backgrounds. This way, we guarantee that the end result will exceed your expectations. 

Visit App Maisters iOS app Development page if you wants to learn more about our iOS app development process.

Our iPhone app development services include: 

  • Detailed mobile strategy just to make sure that we’re on the same page. For maximum ROI, our team provides a unified development methodology that lives up to your expectations and stays within budget. 
  • Outstanding UI/UX design offered by our dedicated team of designers, architects, and engineers. We strive to make sure your app is user-friendly, but also fast, functional, and beautiful from an aesthetics perspective.
  • Seamless integration & cloud hosting to make sure your app is error-free even after launch. 
  • Data analytics & periodic reporting to keep your app updated 24/7, but also to further be able to make improvements, implement the feedback received from users, and establish your business as a renowned brand. 
Android Applications Development

ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT In Austin – crafted by the best in the industry

We’ve been doing custom android app development since the launch of the platform. The App Maisters developers and designers are not just talented, but also highly skilled and trained to exceed your expectations. Scalability and user-friendliness for your project are our top priorities. That being said, our process starts with an initial design stage, where we have a clear assessment of your requirements and business needs. 

To streamline the process and make sure your app is implemented correctly, our android app development services also include virtual or face-to-face workshops. This way, we guarantee that all wireframes and prototypes we build are commended on. We believe in both feedback and communication, as it is the only way we can provide your future users a memorable in-app experience. Our process is divided into 6 well-defined stages, including:

  • Mobile app development strategy
  • Ideation plan
  • Design and development
  • Testing and planning phase
  • Launch
  • Ongoing support and plan


Where would you like your app to be sold? On the Apple App Store, on the Google Play Store, or both? Regardless of business size or shape, cross platform app development is in great demand these days. The problem is, most startups don’t have the budget to do both. At App Maisters, we commit to providing you with the most competitive price packages. Our goal is to help you achieve time to market fast, within a predetermined budget, and without any technical delays on the development side. Your success is our success, too! 

Get ahead of the competition with WEARABLE APP DEVELOPMENT In Austin

Last but not least, the App Maisters team prides on an extra service that very few other dev companies offer – wearable app development. In simple terms, if you want your app available on smart devices like smartwatches, FitBits, Google Glasses, and more, we can help. Apart from talented developers, our team also consists of award-winning tech engineers to provide end to end IT service packs, including mobility and digital transformation solutions with an emphasis on IoT and wearables. 

Our App Development Process

  • Strategy: we help you frame a plan of action for your mobile app development needs so that you can attain both short-term and long-term goals.
  • Ideation: we make an ideation plan and carefully brainstorm your initial ideas/MVP.
  • Design & development: this is the stage where our designers, developers, and engineers get to work.
  • Testing and planning: we never launch an app prior to testing it multiple times on different platforms to make sure everything flows naturally.
  • Launch!
  • Ongoing support & further mediation/planning