7 Tech Trends Leading the Innovation Path in 2021

It’s been over a year since Covid-19 was officially declared a global pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization). In light of everything that’s happened, new Covid-19 topics are disrupting the way digital transformation is perceived by organizations worldwide. The “New Normal” is defined by hybrid workforces, digital tools, and digital customer experiences. New trends in technology are no longer just trends, as increasingly more leaders and executives are realizing that the time to innovate is now! Let us have a closer look at the 8 tech trends leading the innovation path in 2021.

Adoption of customer experience tools

Nearly 60% of executives worldwide have adopted one or more customer experience tools to help them improve their customer journeys. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the trend amplified due to a shift in customer behavior and the need to access products and services remotely.


To meet the increasing demand for expertise and proficiency in working with new technologies, increasingly more workers will have to upgrade their skills. As companies have struggled to stay agile and preserve employee engagement during the pandemic, employee gamification will make training much more efficient and enjoyable even from a distance. On the one hand, remote training games enable employees to perfect their skills and excel at their job. On the other hand, it helps companies improve their ROI, overall productivity, sales, and customer experience.

All bets on diversity as a fundamental recruitment metric

Successful organizations like mobile app development company are realizing how important it is to remain unbiased when it comes to employee recruitment. As a consequence, executives and leaders worldwide have significantly improved their DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) value proposition. In fact, according to LinkedIn, this year’s most proclaimed job was “Chief Diversity Office”. Having a diverse talent pool helps companies gain recognition in the eyes of millennials constantly looking to work in companies that have strong values and flexible, transparent culture.

Optimized supply chains via IBP platforms

Given the continuous supply shocks and demand uncertainty amid the pandemic, the global supply chain sector currently undergoes tremendous disruption. Research shows that 75% of organizations cannot attain their productivity targets. Silos pertaining to geographic parameters across multiple business divisions obstruct communication and data sharing. Transitioning to IBP platforms is a growing trend that can help companies bypass silos, streamlining their decision-making processes, supply chains, and ultimately, their revenue.

Collective intelligence powered by AI

Powered by AI, collective intelligence enables organizations to develop a more flexible, agile strategy. 86% of leaders argue that employees need advanced technology to make sensible decisions. As enterprises become more customer-centric, there will be an ongoing need to develop accurate data flows to collect insights from customers and be able to cater to their precise needs and wants.

All eyes on sustainability

As far as sustainability is concerned, increasingly more consumers have started to care about what they buy. 73% of modern consumers mentioned in a study that they would be willing to change habits to help protect the surrounding environment. The shift is predicted to accentuate as the pandemic fades away as people have gotten used to buying less, but better for themselves and for the planet. Corporations are taking notice of the trend, too. Sustainable companies are not just helping as well, but they’re also strengthening their reputation in the eyes of their loyal customers.

Quantum computing

By 2025, the quantum computing industry is anticipated to increase five times from the $1.1 billion in 2019. Because it has the potential to solve problems supercomputers can’t, quantum computers are leading the innovation path. Apart from being 10,000 faster than supercomputers, the technology is currently ruled by giants like Google and IBM. Even though quantum computing is still a new market trend, scaling the technology and making it pertinent for commercial use will happen in the early future.

As organizations worldwide get ready for a post-pandemic world, successful businesses are already innovating more to get ahead of the competition. Advanced technology is proactive as it drives leaders and executives to think outside the box, get out of their comfort zones, and take risks to set themselves apart.

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