In the last decade, we’ve seen the IoT (Internet of Things) take the mobile app development industry by storm. The influence of technology has had a great impact on people’s daily lifestyles. By the end of 2022, studies show that IoT Mobile app development based technologies will be embedded into 75 billion smart devices.

Mobile apps, in particular, are increasing in popularity. The downside is that the market competition is also intensifying, forcing leaders to focus on the uniqueness of their business models to preserve their competitive advantage.

The following trends in mobile app development will paint a clearer picture of what needs to be done to get a head start.

User experience (UX) takes center stage

In 2022, great UX goes beyond user-friendliness. For any strategy to provide results, a company’s IoT mobile app development strategy should focus on everything from design and interactivity to speed and ease of use. Modern users are digitalis, meaning that they expect a top-of-the-line user experience because they understand how technology should work. Above all, they want to be impressed, so that they don’t move on to downloading the next best app in the app store.

Adoption of machine learning technology in IoT-based apps

As the IoT continues to grow and expand, new technology finds its place in IoT-based apps: machine learning. Made of various adjacent tech stacks such as mapping, deep learning sensor fusion, and computer vision, ML technology is capable of solving problems that sensors alone can’t. Microsoft and Google are already using popular frameworks like Cafe, Tensor Flow, and Torch to extract and process data from IoT apps.

APIs and protocols standardization

IoT devices are becoming more compelled to adhere to API sets and standardized protocols so that software developers can link them to various services faster. For the IoT to grow and expand even further, the associated devices must benefit from streamlined communication. This way, connecting two or more devices will be much easier if all of them adhere to similar standards. From a business perspective, standardization reduces app maintenance and development costs.

Edge computing takes the lead in mobile app development

With the increasing popularity and demand of IoT-based devices entering the market, edge computing has viable chances of going mainstream in 2022. And that’s because there’s an unmet need for analyzing data in real-time. With edge computing at the core, companies will be able to gather valuable data and access information that could help improve their decision-making processes.

Strengthening security for wearable devices will become a priority

Smart devices powered by the IoT, such as fitness trackers and smartwatches will preserve their high demand in 2022. Although useful and fun, concerns around security are intensifying. Protecting the sensitive data collected is a way to ensure that customers are safe when using a certain device. To address the privacy issue, companies are looking into creating safer design patterns when building IoT apps.

Machine vision technology integrates with consumer products

Machine vision technology is well-known and widely used in high-tech industries. Recently, it’s starting to present an interest in consumer products like IoT devices. In retail, companies are exploring strategies to add machine vision to self-checkout counters and make shopping experiences more convenient. Together with AI technology, machine vision can help the IoT classify and recognize products, providing better interaction between machines and customers.

Improved battery life for IoT Mobile App Development devices

Limited battery life has always been a problem for IoT devices. When multiple charges per day are required, the devices lose utility in real life. Rising technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy use sensors to monitor activity and adjust device usage, significantly improving battery performance. Saving power on a device that runs an IoT mobile app in the background extends battery life, at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and ensuring better user experiences.

It’s safe to say that mobile apps powered by IoT mobile app development technologies have a bright future ahead. To succeed at building exceptional apps and maintain your competitive advantage, choose to get one step ahead of your market competitors. Whether you’d like to partner up with an IoT development company to streamline processes, or just need guidance to get started, it’s always better to collaborate with industry experts to have a chance at mass adoption.

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