Blockchain technology has demonstrated its capacity to impact and disrupt metaverse platforms. Apart from decentralization, blockchain technology provides security and transparency in the metaverse coins. Also, it can help bridge the gap between NFTs and cryptocurrencies, which are vital elements of the creator economy. Out of the myriad of different blockchains out there, Solana is gaining momentum with its transparency, speed, and high potential among various metaverse projects. Read more to find out about the 5 best coins developed on the Solana blockchain.

Metaverse Coins Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Star Atlas is one of Solana’s most popular metaverses that combines traditional with blockchain development mechanics to create unique gaming experiences. ATLAS, the official coin on the platform, gives players the power to create spaceships, develop assets, and trade NFTs. Furthermore, the Star Atlas metaverse has a mining town that players can use to mine ATLAS tokens and boost their profits. Those interested in buying the token can find it on crypto exchanges such as Gate.io, MEXC, FTX, or Bitget.

Synergy Land

Synergy Land is a metaverse multi-player ARPG game developed on the Solana blockchain. Inspired by other popular video games, such as Diablo, Synergy Land’s goal is to build an ecosystem of players interested in trading and collecting NFTs. Although the platform’s token is still under development, it is anticipated that it will become one of the strongest metaverse tokens on the Solana blockchain. New game features pending release on Synergy Land enables players to raise digital pets, further expanding the fantasy ecosystem.

Solice (SLC)

Solice is a cross-platform virtual reality metaverse built on Solana, and its corresponding token is SLC. Players can engage in a myriad of activities available in the Solice metaverse, whether it is to buy virtual land, real estate, or NFTs. A core element of the platform is that it’s adaptable to the needs and wants of its users and players. After raising $4.3 million, the future of the SLC token could evolve, making the coin a profitable collectible to own.

Afflarium (AFFL)

Afflarium is one of Solana’s largest real-world metaverse games. It’s an online multiplayer designed for VR experiences, with AFFL as its governing token. Although still under development, AFFL token is not yet listed on exchanges. At the time of writing, players are invited to try out the platform incentivized test program. Following the test phase, it is estimated that AFFL will become a strong competitor to other metaverse coins available on Solana.

Good Games Guild (GGG)

Good Games Guild is a conglomeration of games designed to rule over the metaverse economy. Its ruling principle is to optimize assets that can provide the highest rewards. Key features of the Good Games Guild include play-to-earn, stake-to-earn games, but also rent-to-earn NFTs. The project’s vision for the future of its GGG token is to create a gaming hub completely decentralized on the blockchain. Its aim is to empower the crypto and NFT markets to go mainstream in the metaverse.

At the core, Solana’s blockchain is ideal for creating a profitable metaverse. It paves the way for the creation of some of the largest metaverses in the crypto market, meaning that the tokens listed have viable chances of helping metaverse-based platforms expand their features and enabling their tokens to employer security, decentralization, and faster transactions.

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