Asset management app developed for helping businesses related to water management in oil and gas industry. The app helps businesses in manifesting, scheduling, transportation, monthly report preparation and ongoing research into recycling/reuse options and waste minimization. The app support three different types of users including generators, truck drivers and disposal sites.

premier health

Premier Health offers a suite of international healthcare plans, exclusively developed to provide comprehensive protection worldwide, including coverage within the United States, to global citizens in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
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Scienomics Group

Scienomics iPad App – a comprehensive business app for Scienomics Group, a leading multinational healthcare and pharmaceutical research company with offices in US, Europe and Asia, that enabled them and their fortune 500 clients, sales reps and staff to Create, maintain, and schedule programs for physicians, speakers and resources at various venues and effectively perform marketing and research on their products.


Reach Media, an advanced and effective app to advertise, communicate and influence your audience!!With the advanced Reach Media app, you can stay connected to your members, students, patrons and visitors.Reach Media enable users to view schedules for classes, events, games and all things happening throughout facilities and programs. User also add events to their calendar, set reminders and invite friends to join through social media sharing features.This app has a lot more that helps you advertise, communicate and influence your audience.


The science of parallel parking is here! Have you been going ‘bonkers’ trying to make sense of the ‘art’ of parallel parking? parallelparking.org brings you an app to make it a tad easier and less of guesswork to park your car! this app may be used as an aid to parallel park your car. visit www.parallelparking.org for details on how this app may be customized for your vehicle. Video tutorials are also provided.


The Visual MED (Momentum) products allow imaging professionals to execute an effective transition from the analog world to the digital world, with the flexibility and cost effectiveness to work with either the solo practitioner or an institution-wide enterprise application. Visual MED products provide the basics of digital image and data capture, but more importantly they provide the user a common sense Interface.


Use Sylabilt and organize your classes, tasks and exams & never forget a lecture or assignment again! SylaBiltis an integrated solution specifically designed to help improve student’s lives by providing them ease through multi-functioned solutions that has replaces the need of a paper planner. This app is meant for students to use on both Android and iOS devices on daily basis to keep track of assignments, tests, projects and other cubiculum activities. This app provides a collaborative environment to students through social media connections which are available on both the website and mobile versions.


Go paintless with Global Dent mobile app..!‘Global Dent Lights’ has developed on both iOSand Android platforms that basically work as Paint less Dent Repair (PDR) LED Light Board device. With this app, you can see the dents in your vehicles even much better. This mobile app features 4 different light structures with 4 different colors. All of these four light boards are meant to shine on the exterior surface of a car in order to spot miniature dents in any vehicle.


Welcome to Cellrescue the best repair shop HOUSTON has to offer! We’ve been helping homes and small businesses set up and repair their gadgets since 2006. No problem is too difficult for our team of dedicated computer professionals to handle.Currently, we provide every service from iphone repair, OS troubleshooting, and data transfer to IT setup consultation and network services. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the most practical, precise, and affordable solutions.
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