Driving Productivity in Healthcare using Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation provides a unique opportunity within the healthcare industry to address the customers’ changing needs as well as ensure sustainable, competitive growth. Your company should be able to effectively harness digital solutions that extend the transformational power from the back-office to care delivery to wellness management. For that, digital solutions require a more wholesome approach – where information collected, can be analyzed and visually shown to diagnose and prevent health issues. And a more collaborative engagement by leveraging emerging technology transitions your organization into the new era of patient and doctor communication to ensure patients receive tailored customer-centric care.

On the basis of end-use, the global healthcare digital solutions market is segmented into three major categories: payers, providers, and patients (individuals). In recent years, healthcare service providers have been increasingly adopting and deploying solutions that transforms how their enterprise operates to streamline workflow and ensure a patient-centric focus within the facility.

Our Digital Transformation Solutions

Mobility to Healthcare Enterprise

Enterprise Mobility is the precise mobile application between people and processes that enables technologies to make informed decisions for healthcare professional throughout an organization, remotely.

With Enterprise Mobility, physicians and medical staff have instant access to information no matter where it resides. Collaboration and communication are greatly improved for the medical team and for patients resulting in maximizing efficiencies, reducing costs and making better informed decisions. Collaboration is vital to healthcare professionals. This is particularly true in patient-centric environments and research organizations.

App Maisters continues to be a major provider of Mobility to Healthcare enterprises with significant contributions to application design, development, deployment and life cycle management. We hold a diverse portfolio of clients and applications that provide value in a number of important disciplines including:

think therapy

Premium Assurance Group

We partnered with Premium Health, an international health and disability insurance provider, to create a mobile app that would easily educate and quote clients in over 195 countries on a wide range of products and services on international medical coverage. The objective of the application was to allow care-takers to easily update any services provided to its residents with a click of button on any mobile device, android, iphone or ipads.

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Brethren Retirement Community

Brethren Retirement Community is a care retirement facility, that required a mobile application that easily update the services the care-takers provided to its residents. he care takers were able to sign in, log the details of the services offered to various different residents and sign off once shift ended. App Maisters also implemented a user friendly web panel that managed the back-end system, including but not limited to, added residents, services and care takers data, updated the data on mobile application uniformly, managed and recorded all updates provided from the care-takers.
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Think Therapy

Think Therapy has variety of cognitive games organized to address perception, attention, memory, visual and spatial processing, and problem solving skills. This app was specifically designed for the individuals struggling with cognitive deficits as a result of a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or any other condition that affect the way the brain processes information. Think Therapy was developed by an occupational therapist skilled in addressing the effects of cognitive deficits on daily life.

Revolutionize your Business with Advanced AI solutions

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is representing a collection of emerging technologies that enable machine to sense, comprehend, act and learn so that they can perform clinical and administrative functions. AI is bringing about capabilities within areas of workforce, organization’s structure and governance, care reach and security. This emerging technology can help clinicians with more accurate analyses and ultimately provide faster treatment to those that need it the most. App Maisters is committed to working with those on the frontline of healthcare to build technological solutions to solve these issues. As data becomes the world’s most valuable resource, let us help and work with you to uncover insights from newly found patterns, whilst automating business systems and processes along the way.


Health Navigator

Health Navigator is a comprehensive decision- support system that deliver the highest quality evidence- based digital health content. App Maisters was required to provide a broad range of applications, such as

  • Artificial Intelligence apps with symptom checks and diagnosis,
  • Telemedicine app,
  • AI Chat bots,
  • Digital Assistant and
  • Healthcare apps for answering service and medical centers.

Our services extended to providing After Care Instructions integration, diagnosis engine integrations with EHR system and chief coded complaints integration with existing applications.

The applications support 8 different languages and features that range from providing list of possible causes to the application providing a diagnosis based on the inputs provided using AI – based technologies.

TQ Intelligence

TQ intelligence is an Android application used by therapist. A set of 20 questions are provided to caregiver/parent to answer and a set of 20 questions for the Therapist to provide feedback on.  The application would ask patient to record 90 seconds audio. Based on all 3 assessments, App shows the improvements of the patient in statistics and graphical form.

Artificial Intelligence Solution for Startup

Our client approached us to develop a SaaS based application. The application provides quantitative research driven industries named- entity recognition and information extract of news media and social media sites with a subscription based module. To provide a comprehensive solution that involves developing a subscription based php website, a big data repository to house millions of online data in a condensed format & a search engine that searches the data using Artificial Intelligence.

Using Big Data to Make Big Decisions

Big Data and Analytics can offer healthcare organizations with real-time data that can transform it data into clinical and business intelligence which can overall improve quality and reduce costs. With the right platform, processes and tools, App Maisters has the technology and implementation expertise to make big data a useful asset for your organization. Our cases featured shows a wide range of HIPAA compliant applications that we have built.


BI, Big Data & Analytics Solution for Startup

Our client approached us to develop a SaaS based application. The application provides quantitative research driven industries named- entity recognition and information extract of news media and social media sites with a subscription based module. To provide a comprehensive solution that involves developing a subscription based php website, a big data repository to house millions of online data in a condensed format & a search engine that searches the data using Artificial Intelligence.

Bring Perfect Harmony between hardware and software

Integrating IoT features into medical devices has greatly improves the quality and effectiveness of service. The connectivity of devices will provide great benefits to businesses as the network devices will provide big data information and their data results will open up new insights, business models, and revenue streams for businesses. In addition to this, the insights gained from them will in turn give rise new services that can complement the conventional product business. App Maisters will work with you to learn about your custom app need and ensure that your company gets just want they need to run efficiently.



ATEC provides a large number of highly qualified subject matter experts to nation’s emergency services and emergency management communities in Florida. A highly- refined solution to assist emergency responders to account for patients during a mass casualty event. The application was designed to scan RFID, bar code or QR codes to register victims into a database.

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Cloud Development

When it comes to building and deploying an application on the cloud, the entire process requires careful assessment and planning to build the app with high scalability, capacity, security and integration. For developing a new cloud app or to migrate the existing app, our experts help you select the right type of cloud including private, public or hybrid with the right choice of platform so that you develop the right app for your business and your patients.

App Maisters provides dedicated cloud development services that are perfectly placed to assist you reduce costs, improve performance and increase efficiencies. We understand the need of your businesses and provide you custom cloud applications which are built to harness the power of the cloud and help accelerate your success.

App Maisters specializes in cloud development that retain agility and accessibility while ensuring security. With our help, your company can get the full benefits of being connected via the cloud without the vulnerabilities – and that can transform your business.


Cloud-based Behavioral Solution for Mental Healthcare Organization

A premier solution provider in Behavioral & Mental Healthcare serving Providers, Payers, NGOs and Govt. Organizations in US required seamless integration of HER with 3rd party billing software, improve patient care, reduce TAT on claims, transparency in claims settlements.

Our white-label solution has provided our client with the ability to extend out their software to numerous third-party providers.

Security and Compliance

Whilst App Maisters team implements the latest emerging technologies and tools to address challenges, we take a security-first approach to adhere regulatory compliance with HIPAA.

Our consultants can help you assess and identify areas for improvement in meeting HIPAA compliance requirements. Using a risk methodology tightly aligned with HIPAA compliance requirements, our team will conduct the required risk analysis to help you to identify and apply appropriate security measures and controls.  App Maisters is 100% committed to never jeopardizing that relationship by ensuring the security and privacy of your PHI stored on our platform.


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