Scienomics Group

We develop a high- quality mobility solution that eliminated excessive paper work and focused on organizing information for research and marketing efforts


Scienomics Group is a leading multinational healthcare and pharmaceutical research company with offices in the US, Europe &  Asia. They required a mobility solution that schedule and track events for healthcare workers and helped sales professional research client’s product and services.


Among the multiple objectives, Scienomics Group came to App Maisters with one very precise aim was to develop a reliable, cost effective, and time sensitive solution. This solution was to be utilized by their staff & clients’ sales professionals. It was also to be used in market and research work of their clients’ products and services.

The high-quality mobility solution being developed was to allow sales practitioners to create, maintain and schedule programs for physicians, speakers and other healthcare workers at various venues. Furthermore, it had to keep a record of attendance/registration for all upcoming events.


App Solution

Analyzing client requirements and objectives was the task at hand next. Our project managers had meetings with the Scienomics’ team. We came to a mutual agreement regarding development of a viable solution, which would meet all their business needs. Our talented Maisters brainstormed and helped them land on a backend architecture that would minimize their labor. We designed wireframes best fitting their expectations, alongside handing their project to our exceptionally skilled development team.

During the App Development phase, our experts developed and integrated an event and attendee registration scheduling system. We designed an efficient sign-in process for the iPad during the registration activity. We also ensured that e-signatures were embedded. This way it used less I/O resources on the iPad, while still maintaining an offline transaction database. Lastly, we activated a form-based login on their app. Throughout this whole project, we offered them a solution fully compliant with two things—their requirements, and the HIPPA guidelines.


Technologies Used

Following are some technologies & tools used by the App Maisters team while developing this project:

  • Swift for iPad development
  • LINQ queries to bring data from SQL Server inside web services
  • Postmen to debug API issues
  • SQL Lite to maintain offline transactions


  • The final results we handed over to Scienomics made them thoroughly satisfied with our services. The outcome of the app we developed were very successful. The mobility solution proved to be extremely useful for their overall company sales, supervisors and partner firms.
  • The app also allowed their sales reps to gear up, schedule & register event attendees. It also helped in reducing data inconsistencies.
  • Team App Maisters helped Scienomics Group to focus all their sales and marketing effort on actual researches and marketing, rather than keeping up with the hassle of paper works relating to events, upcoming dates and registration.

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