Cloud Advisory for a Major Data collection and Analysis Software Provider


The software provider approached App Maisters Team for advisory service to help create a Roadmap for Cloud migration strategy for their complex application from on-prem to Cloud. The software is currently being used by major manufacturing companies through out the US. The  product  runs typically on the manufacturing shop floor and collects data from the machines that measures manufactured parts. It does this by interfacing with the output from the measurement machines and stores this information in SQL Server or QCQ file.  Reporting tools then retrieve the data based on customer spec/filtering, calculate statistics, and present the data to the customer via report, dashboard, full view, etc.


Our objective was to provide Advisory and Road map to migrate their existing application to the Cloud.

The goal was to help identify the best approach for the migration without causing any down time for their clients and be able to native Cloud features that can help them effectively auto scale their operations including their data as their client grows. In addition, they were also looking to provide Business Intelligence reporting outside of the organization and provide 24/7 access to their clients so they can make informed decision about their operations while they are out on the road.



App Maisters provided Cloud Advisory service including detailed assessment of their existing infrastructure and provided a complete Roadmap with gradual approach on migration with lift and shit all the way to how best to re-architect their system to Native AWS environment without having any down time for their clients. The advisory also included how best to set up their cloud infrastructure for their BI Reporting and Dashboards.



Client was extremely happy with the advisory. They were able to plan out how best to migrate their applications without any downtime and was also able to modify their existing architecture with our best practices for Cloud.