Iphone/iOS Application Design & Development Services In Austin, Texas

With the annual revenue of iOS apps surpassing $72.3 billion, it’s safe to say that your business might need one, too, to boost profits and generate a solid income stream. But then again, the competition for the best iPhone applications is fierce. To have a chance at survival, your product, idea, or prototype needs to employ trusted iPhone/ iOS application design & development services in Austin, Texas. The good news is that the experts at App Maisters have a decade of hands-on experience in the field.

Our custom approach to developing impactful iPhone/iOS applications

Designing and developing iOS apps that can stand out is a complicated task. In fact, we’re talking about a detailed process involving lots of creativity, brainstorming, expertise, and planning to make it work. Believe it or not, converting ideas into a scalable iOS product is easier said than done. Thankfully, we, at App Maisters, take great pride in what we do. Our iPhone/iOS application design & development services in Austin, Texas are fully-customized.

Personalization is the key to developing a unique iOS application. Our team has over 10 years of experience in this field and a bulletproof client portfolio that demonstrates we’re masters. In terms of services, our 4-step process differentiate us from others:

  • Phase 1: initial brainstorming where we dedicate time to understand your business needs, analyze the competition, and establish SMART goals 
  • Phase 2: prototyping, UX/UI designs, and ongoing testing of your iOS application to make sure it lives up to your expectations. Our objective in this phase is to make the goals mentioned in Phase 1 attainable. 
  • Phase 3: multiple testing on all iOS devices, not just the iPhone just to make sure your app functions properly and without any errors on all smart devices. 
  • Phase 4: maintenance, support, and consulting services where we also provide complete digital marketing services to help take your product to the top.

Flawless UI/UX Design

One of our core iPhone/iOS application & development services in Austin, Texas, is the time-tested UI/UX design process. The App Maisters iOS developers are fully aware that every little detail in design matters. That being said, our priority is to craft an app that appeals to your target consumer-base. Clean design, a convenient interface, and the right approach to prototyping are essential elements in creating the best product.

We use storyboarding for prototyping and wireframing, and following these two steps we send them for approval. As soon as we get it, the application stylization process begins. Colors, shapes, and different tools are used in this process to match the app with your corporate branding.

Hardware integration for iPhone/iOS application design & development

At App Maisters, we’ve worked on a myriad of projects involving hardware integration within smartphones. We’re grateful to have a proficient team of engineers by our side who are committed to developing apps that can communicate and synchronize with external hardware devices like Bluetooth, and others.

Furthermore, we’ve had projects involving different other integrations, as well, including wearables, sensors, appliances, medical devices, and more. The proprietary App Maisters agile computing strategies have helped over the years reshape the way users of certain apps connect with hardware.


Iphone/iOS Programming & iPad app coding

Regardless of programming language, coding is a comprehensive, time-consuming process. Errors, bugs, and crashes must be avoided at all costs. The software engineers at App Maisters are more than devoted to their job. One of their top priorities is to develop a custom iOS app that is flawless, fluid, fast, and ultimately, error-free.

iOS application monetization & marketing via the design & development services in Austin, Texas

Out of the myriad of apps populating the Apple Store on a daily basis, it’s tough to keep up with the competition! However, your goal shouldn’t be to focus on a fast launch, but rather on building an iOS app that’s functional, user-friendly, useful to your target audience, and of course, error-free. As soon as you’ve done that, we’ll be more than pleased to help you monetize it.


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