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The Oil & Gas value chain is a series of events that takes a raw material and with each step adds value to it; understood in Oil and Gas as Upstream, Midstream and Downstream.

App Maisters understands this value chain and the technologies, processes and applications that support these efforts.

The development team at App Maisters recognizes that the right combination of business processes, work flows and interdependencies of business applications enables technologies to optimize Mobility Solutions.

Oil & Gas Value Chain


App Maisters understanding of the Oil and Gas industry starts on Exploration side where Enterprise Mobility application capabilities may assist geophysical crews with RT Tracking, scheduling, crew progress, personnel/crew locations, logistics and material, equipment locations and skills data.

Data Visualization and reporting have become mainstays of mobility applications for seismic data.

Partner management and collaboration with any number of stakeholders requires that data becomes more accessible, timely and accurate.

Enterprise Mobility applications development collects, distributes, or analyzes information that are utilized in:

  • Land Management
  • Facilities and Equipment Planning Management
  • Acquisition/Divesture and Partner Management
  • Capital Project Management
  • Contract Management


Midstream Enterprise Mobility applications are across multiple Oil and Gas functions including Enterprise Asset Management and Maintenance.

Safety inspections, personnel tracking, logistics, and SCADA Visualization are traditional areas for Mobile devices and applications. Likewise. SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), training requirements, daily time sheet requirements, transportation routing, Health & Safety Regulations and Scheduling are among the many applications for Enterprise Mobility.

Any process or procedure that involves the monitoring and management of facilities, pipelines, plants and personnel are key areas of Mobility solutions.

From an Enterprise perspective, financial, production, logistics, and every step of the refining of feedstock into products lends itself to mobile applications, whether that includes business intelligence, data visualization, analytics, optimization functionality.

App Maisters provide you the ability to ensure your company can be MANAGED REMOTELY TOO


Applications in Downstream include Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Inventory, CRM, Customer Analysis and many other applications that are designed to reduce an organizations to optimize functionality. reduce cost and increase efficiency.

The Oil and Gas value chain includes many opportunities to automate processes from a Mobility perspective. From the first geophysical surveys and acquisition, through drilling and production of oil and gas,  to raw product being transported and processed into products, as such as kerosene and jet fuel, and then being distributed to many entities including gas for your personal vehicle – there are numerous ways to automate the process.

App Maisters provide capabilities that extend from the back office to the field


The Oil and Gas industry has its fair share of challenges, yet most of these problems and issues can be tackled with and rectified to a great degree, if not completely eliminated through improving efficiency and transparency.

However, to completely embrace the technological revolution and usher into the digital age the industry must move away from outdated trading practices and platforms as well as unsecure methods of documentation that are prevalent in the industry today.

Blockchain is the obvious answer to many of these challenges with secure distributed ledgers and smart contracts, a reason why it is penetrating into major industries today.

  • Securing and simplifying energy trading & transactions.
  • Streamlining complicated Supply Chains.
  • Aligning with regulations requiring enormous documentation.

See how App Maisters in collaboration with our Strategic Alliance Partners can assist big players in the Oil and Gas industries through its expertise in Blockchain.

Oil & Gas Industry meets opportunities in

Enterprise Mobility

There are multiple ways to provide mobility around the oil & gas value chain to increase productivity to become efficient and effective.

  • Work Management Sales Management
  • Safety Control and Management Retail Management
  • Service Management Customer Loyalty
  • Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Inventory Management
  • Calibration, Configuration and control
  • Viewing Advanced Content(e.g. Maps, Drawings, CAD)
  • Device management and Security
  • Advanced Mobile Analytics/ Dashboard
  • Employee Self-Service/ Productivity Solutions
  • Collaboration Solutions

Client Stories


Diamond Oilfield Technologies, an Ohio-based Technology and Water Management service providers, wanted to create an app that allowed them to effectively manage their water management services.

The mobile application was to help in manifesting, scheduling, transporting, preparing monthly report and enable ongoing research into recycling/reuse options and waste minimization.

Please Click Here to view DIAMOND OILFIELD TECHNOLOGIES case study.


The BlackGold Tokenization of Reserves serves as a good example of how bypassing traditional oil transactions through blockchain can benefit the oil and gas industry. Through peer-to-peer trading system of ERC-20 compliant Ethereum Blockchain tokens, traders in the oil and gas industry are able to avoid brokers and heavy transactional costs conclusively resulting in reduced prices for traders and end-consumers.

Please Click Here to view Black Gold Tokenization of Reserves case study.

Carbon Credit Tokenization

Tokenization of carbon credits to create a secure, standardized, real-time exchange for generation, sale, purchase, and redemption of carbon credits leveraging blockchain technology.

The ecosystem for carbon credits involves multiple entities. A corporate is usually taxed for pollution, and seeks to purchase carbon credits. These credits come in various forms, the best being the ones accredited by Corporates purchase carbon credits from NGOs who then invest in Sustainability projects which generate carbon credits.

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Smart Energy Solution

Just as the first generation of the internet has seen an explosion in e-commerce, the second generation is bound to witness a different form of e-commerce that involves machine to machine transactions, the energy producers will be the sellers in this system, buyers would be the other systems that need the renewable energy credit to off-set pollution and comply with regulations. Buyers will pay seller in crypto-currency and receive the renewable energy certificates in the form of ERC-721 Tokens.

The data marketplace is coded in the form of smart contracts. Our Alliance Partners’ Smart Energy Platform, NetObjex provides eco-system participation as state of the art, secure, ready to deploy, edge to blockchain trading system that encompasses IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

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