In 2016, there has been a continuing shift within financial institutions towards a mobile-centric approach as the mobility aspect of this channel quickly became the primary means of interaction between consumers and firms.

According to a March 2016 report from the Federal Reserve, 40% of mobile phone users with a bank account used mobile banking in 2015, a 150% increase from 2010. Additionally, 52% of all smartphone owners have used mobile banking in the last 12 months.

Mobility to Financial Services

Building a strong mobile offering can help reinforce a positive relationship with clients, especially with the younger, more tech-focused Millennials. As a result, mobile finance apps continue to evolve to provide consumers with the information they want, when they want it. Financial service firms continued to improve and refine their smartphone capabilities, and becoming more innovative in providing mobile solutions to their end-users.

A key challenge faced for finance and banking sector in terms of introducing enterprise mobility are issues such as security and data representation, that is simple and in scaled-down format.

App Maisters continues to be a major leader in FinTech with significant contributions to application design, development, deployment and life cycle management in the industry. Our clients and applications are a diverse portfolio that provides value to a range of important disciplines including:

Our enterprise mobility team at App Maisters offers innovative and high-level mobile solutions to our clients in the financial and banking industry, allowing them to perform multitude of transactions to gain significant competitive-edge in the market.

We employ a team of expert professionals who design and develop financial mobile solutions with integrated security principles that present your complex data in concise and easy- to- use formats. We can help you master mobility within the financial service & banking industry.


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