Facility Management Solution

Providing Innovative Solutions to Reduce Energy Costs and Improve Efficiency in Your Building

Enterprise building managers need a building management system to optimize energy consumption, maintain healthy and productive environments, and provide anytime, anywhere access to building information. This means scalable designs and efficient building control for current and future needs.

CWE 365 OneView provides an integration and analytics platform to help organizations improve the visibility of their global property portfolio and facilities information through an efficient central portal. It has proved an invaluable tool to our clients who now benefit from strategic information from disparate data sources brought together, accessible and comparable in one location for the first time.

Solution Overview

Written in Java, CWE 365 OneView takes full advantage of the latest web-based technologies, enabling the development of a property solution which provides a range of operational and management services; from searchable libraries and content management through to strategic executive dashboards allowing facility and real estate professionals to connect with the C-suite.

Value Proposition

  • Harness Maintenance Expense
  • Intuitive Dashboards that can showcase C-Level Analytics that can be drilled down to granularity showing analytics around budgets, commitments, costs, progress, resources, compliance, documents, initiatives, targets and much more
  • Cost Visibility
  • Utility Bill Administration
  • Promotes Sustainability

Real Estate Analytics

Real Estate Analytics

The property data within your business is full of potential and CWE 365 OneView delivers a flexible array of dashboards to you can track and measure portfolio health decision to reduce occupancy and operating costs. Now you can generate real-time dynamic analytics, heat maps or review metrics for your organization.


Space Management Analytics

Analytics Are Now Critical For Executives

A lack of comprehensive, reliable, accurate, up-to-date and rapidly accessible information can seriously inhibit improvement in space management. The requirement for timely, accurate Business Intelligence (BI) analytics to describe, predict and improve business is now critical for executives.

Operations Analytics

Harness Maintenance Expenses

With its intuitive interface and user-friendly analytics, CWE 365 OneView examines your maintenance operations performance by monitoring your Computer Maintenance Management Solutions (CMMS) including third party service providers.


Project Analytics

Simple Features

CWE 365 OneView provides interactive dashboards with drill down analytics representing budgets, commitments, costs, progress, resources, compliance, documents, initiatives, targets and much more. CWE 365 OneView specializes in centralizing all of your capital project data into a set of comprehensive dashboards.

Review projects summaries interactively by type, breakdown, geography, cost, size, reason, funding, priority, duration, performance, documents and so much more…

Financial Analytics

Cost Visibility

Improve accuracy of financial data, facilitate better project planning automate employee life-cycle, standardize critical business procedures, reduce redundant tasks and assess business needs.

Utility Bill Administration

Administering the processing and payments of utility bills put a heavy burden on the Account Payable organizations of our clients. CWE 365 OneView is being utilized to manage the UBA process by reconciling property and energy management programs and ensuring the cost optimization and improved information management for both facility management and finance groups.

A global commercial real estate company saved over $M annually by re-engineering the Utility Bill Administration program.


Sustainability Analytics

CWE 365 OneView Promotes Sustainability

Link your environmental and financial data sets into CWE 365 OneView. The powerful web browser and fully featured java engine will manage your critical sustainability information including energy performance, cost analysis, project performance, certification and compliance.

CWE 365 OneView is a framework for success

CWE 365 OneView aids our industrial and healthcare clients in the development of enterprise-wide management strategies, long-range planning & roadmaps and implementation & action plans to drive the “Glidepath”.

CWE 365 OneView will seamlessly integrate with partner products to form a powerful single solution for any organization, without the need to purchase expensive licenses or invest in new software or training. It is a productivity platform that unites all facets of your organization bringing together your employees, company data, contact information, sales pipelines and numerous other crucial elements.


How we are different

Our facility management solution will enable your team to have the following.

  • Integrated and consistent view – providing real time analytics
  • Comprehensive data and measures – allowing for cross-functional comparisons and correlation
  • Multi-supplier comparisons; geographic and organization comparisons
  • Management, portfolio and key asset data ownership – so no “loss of service” when suppliers are changed
  • Ability to respond to questions from executive management that “haven’t been asked yet”

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