App Development Services

App Development Services

Are you looking for the best app development company for your business? Based in Houston, Texas, App Maisters has helped many businesses develop apps.

With over 400 app development projects under our belt, our team is armed with experience and expertise to understand every company’s business needs. We waste no time in finding the optimal technical solutions for your app development that will increase your productivity and efficiency. In addition, App Maisters’ clients benefit from highly capable partner echo system that understand app development process , and help them in achieving a broad, holistic understanding of their  current and future possible needs.

Our app developers and designers have extensive knowledge in what methodology, platforms and tools to use for creating a robust, secure and scalable solution that meets your need. The application development we provide supports any virtual platform, operating systems and devices.


We design and develop all types of custom mobile development solutions which includes working with  complex mobile apps for both IOS and Android platform using native mobile SDKs and utilities that tightly integrates with back end web services whether it’s cloud or on a server located in your hosting company or data center.

  • Enterprise Mobile Apps
  • GEO-Location Apps
  • Social Networking App
  • Payment Integrations like Stripe, Paypal
  • VoIP Apps
  • AR/VR Apps
  • Smart Watches
  • Wearables
  • Chatting Apps
  • Digital Image Processing & Camera Software

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We can help you develop Cost effective, Scalable, Secure and Reliable Cloud based solutions with any complexity and configure them according to your business needs. Our Cloud Consultants, Architects and Engineers have several years of experience working in the industry and have delivered over 100+ Apps for several industries. We also work with all major Cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, Google and Rackspace.

  • Cloud Consulting
  • Cloud Application Development
  • IoT Cloud-based Solutions
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Migration to the Cloud
  • DevOps and Cloud Management
  • Cloud Deployments

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At App Maisters, we help businesses create web based apps whether you are looking for a Standalone app or a SAAS based app or are looking for an intranet app, we have decade of experience developing apps in all major technologies like .net, php, python, java and many others and are ready to deal with any operational and technological challenges to deliver them.

  • Enterprise Web Systems
  • Digital Asset Management Systems
  • VoIP Solutions
  • Web Portals
  • Payment Solutions
  • IoT Solutions
  • AI/ML Web Apps
  • Intelligent Bot Apps
  • Social Networks
  • ETL Solutions

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Our desktop development expertise spans a wide range of services including Windows Desktop application, Services, utilities , plugins, SDKs and Database related application whether it’s SQL Server, Oracle, MYSQL or any NOSQL,  we have the expertise to develop these solutions based on your requirements and business needs.

  • Native and Cross-Platform Desktop Apps
  • System-Level Desktop Apps
  • Multimedia Apps
  • Libraries and SDKs
  • Database Apps

Why Choose App Maisters?


When you hire us you gain the wealth of knowledge from 10 years of experience building complex custom apps.


Through specialization, we foster a mobile expert culture that maintains a deep passion to stay at the forefront of our industry.


With time-test refined development capability & vast code repository, we provide cost efficient option to build premium mobile apps.


With a speedy and efficient delivery, we reduce risk and provide fast time-to-value to step-out to the rapidly evolving market.


By employing the latest methodologies and knowledge in technologies, we avoid issues and are adaptable to client needs.


Avoid costly resource on-boarding & multi-vendor inefficiencies. Our team is engage to provide end-to end solutions to your business needs.

Client Stories

We helped developed an Online Banking mobility solution that provides an Omni-channel experience for their clients in the financial service industry.

Share One’s goal was to deliver a high quality, tightly integrated mobile application customizable to each client’s requirements. The customization includes the clients own branding colors and landing pages, and the ability to deploy features they choose such as: bill payment, money transfers, e-statements, tax information, loan and new account application, overdraft payment, remote deposit capture, and branch/ATM location services. The mobile application provides Share One’s clients the opportunity to stay competitive in the financial marketplace and for their end-users to manage their finances on the go.

Please Click Here to view Share One case study.


A leading Healthcare Service provider dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients and maximizing their process of healing and recovery. The app provides Hospitals, physicians and partners the ability to refer patients to “LifeCare Health Partners”, taking into consideration criteria information and geo locations for the patients.

App Maisters developed an app that allow physicians to refer patients to the “LifeCare Health Partners”, view the criteria information, and find the nearest hospitals based on the zip code. A key aspect was setup the app architecture based on HIPAA Compliance.

Please Click Here to view Lifecare Hospital case study.


Stand For Kind is a non-profit organization whose goal is to change the culture within schools and provide kindness programs to all schools. They wish to provide students access to quality safety programs. The application allows students to choose and perform a good deed from a pre-checked list and share it with friends – in other words, a social network for kindness.

Objective of the application was to increase the incentives for students to perform a good deed and collectively contribute to improving the culture of the school. By creating an application, the students had easy access to view, perform and share a good deed as well as submit an Act of Kindness.

Please Click Here to view Stand For Kind case study.


Development Methodology

Our app developers and architects have several years of experience developing apps for multiple platforms by taking them through the following development process.


We pride ourselves in creating stunning user interfaces that are focused not only on aesthetics, but on the experience the user has when using the android app. This includes aspects such as: accessibility, user-friendliness and intuitiveness.


We develop the app architecture by carefully engineering the server and database calls for the lowest possible overheads in terms of CPU usage to make sure the app is optimized for speed and responsiveness.

App Development

For App Development, we select the best possible technology for the project include using caching and optimized table structures that will provide the fastest results and the best scaling options. Also, depending on the situation, we use SQLite to store information on the device.

Cloud Development

We provide several options for Cloud-based Development including Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure depending on client requirements, cost and scalability required for the app.

Deployment & Hosting

We work with Amazon, Google Cloud, Rackspace and have extensive experience in deployment and managing production environments. Our 24×7 NOC team ensures that your cloud services are tuned for performance and ready for load-balancing, replication and scaling. Should your app require a backend component, rest assured our expert developers can handle the task at hand.

Quality Assurance

We take Quality Assurance in app projects very seriously. We pride ourselves in delivering bug-free build to our clients. It is important for us to ensure that when your app is published on the store, it is as optimized and easily approved.

Industries We Serve


We completely understand how difficult it could be to kick-start, fund and launch your precious startup business. This is why we love assisting all kinds of disruptive startups, big or small, acting as their number one go to development hub that provides digital transformation & tech execution services.


On the basis of end-use, the global healthcare digital solutions market is segmented into three major categories: payers, providers, and patients (individuals). In recent years, healthcare service providers have been increasingly adopting and deploying solutions that transforms how their enterprise operates to streamline workflow and ensure a patient-centric focus within the facility.

Oil and Gas

The Oil & Gas value chain is a series of events that takes a raw material and with each step adds value to it; understood in Oil and Gas as Upstream, Midstream and Downstream.

App Maisters understands this value chain and the technologies, processes and applications that support these efforts.

Transportation and Logistics

Regardless of whether you are global or local, asset or non-asset based, move shipments by air, ocean, ground or any combination in-between, the challenge for transportation and logistics service providers is to offer different services at a competitive price.


Smart gears such as tablets and mobile devices are reshaping how we approach shared knowledge sources by constantly keeping us in touch with all available information and data. It has given us freedom to enjoy unprecedented access to expertise, from online university courses to free lessons from top talents on YouTube.

Legal & Government

We live in a world where tech innovations are growing by the minute therefore it has become increasingly important for business organizations to keep up with them.

Financial Services and Banking

App Maisters continues to be a major leader in FinTech with significant contributions to application design, development, deployment and life cycle management in the industry. App Maisters digital transformation services offers innovative and high-level solutions to our clients in the financial and banking industry.

Process Industry

App Maisters innovative approach allows for real-time management of field operations, while improving data integrity. It also integrates a multimedia aspect into your field operations for improved reporting. Our mobile solution is customizable for just about any type of environmental compliance requirement and eliminates the need for logs and documents.

Consumer Electronic and Devices

With rapidly evolving mobile technologies, trends in consumer electronics landscape has also evolved tremendously. Now consumer expectations from tech companies has gone beyond the development of products to delivery of solutions that suit their lifestyles.

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