covid 19 trace and track

What is Covid19 Trac?

COVID19 Trac, is a private blockchain enabled track and trace platform is providing an opportunity to health authorities to monitor and keep track of patients who are tested positive from the COVID19 crisis. The platform not only monitors users location but provides transparency and traceability.



Precise real-time tracking using geolocation and geofencing of positive COVID-19 cases

Biometric Authentication

Biometric Voice and/or Video authentication

Hardware Agnostic

Highly scalable, uses people own smartphones for tracking, removing friction to adoption.

Blockchain Enabled

People who work in marketing try to get the attention of target.

Robotic Process Automation

Replaces manual data entry and automate back-office processes

Artificial intelligence

Predict potential contamination situations and act upon it before it happens

Web Portal


All the information users need to manage the pandemic in one place, just the way you need it to be. Based on the needs of our client, we configure the dashboards to display only what is relevant for a best business outcome.

Our dedicated team may also modify our solution to fit your business needs and potential system integrations, so your technical team does not get overloaded.

Mobile Application

Quarantine Monitoring

Users choose their own quarantine location using App


Points are accumulated and exchanged by local services discounts

Chat Bot

The right answers at the right time, straight from the app

Live Support

Straight from the app, call or chat with live support


Biometry through Voice, Video or fingerprint assures the right user is being Monitored

Sleep Mode

User can set sleep mode anytime between 7PM to 9AM